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Titus' Vet Visit

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I just got back from the vet. Everything went well. She says that the drinking alot of water could be from when he was outside, he could have been a little dehydrated and is just correcting the problem. She said that that could also be why he doesn't make it to the litter pan in time. He drinks so much and by the time he has to go to the bathroom it comes on so suddenly he doesn't have time to get to the litter pan, but I am to continue monitoring the problem to make sure it gets better. She was able to tell me by looking at his teeth that he looks to be 8 weeks old and that he's big for his age and will probably be a big cat. He weights 2lbs 11 oz. She said he looks like he may be part Maine Coon but not full blooded. He is also perfectly healthy, no ear mites, worms, etc. He's not old enough for a Feline Leukemia test so he will get that done on his next visit but she said she doesn't see any reason to worry because he appears so healthy. I hope to have some pictures this weekend.
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When Cagney came home after being outside for a week, she emptied her water dish, I re-filled it, and she drank half of that....then emptied her food bowl!:laughing2
Sounds like you have a beautiful, healthy, BIG, furbaby!
Look forward to seeing pics, Hey! I gotta go get my pictures....Bye!

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