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7 cats=2 boxes BUT..................

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I have 7 kittys and two litter boxes.phew! I scoop everyday and sometimes twice, if I can smell it. I change like everyweek unless someones "messy" from eating something they shouldn't have, then I'll change right then. BUT do you think I should add another one, that way it would be like 2 cats=1 box??????????????

How many do you have????
How often do you scoop??.......change entirely?????

I don't know, I'm wishing for a magicail litter fairy, who will come and poof my litter problems away. And did you notice the price of litter going up lately? oui!
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12 kitties= 10 boxes scooped twice daily. And we need to add at least one more!
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I have 3 cats - two boxes. I'm a daily scooper, too. My three tend to poop in one and pee in the other. The covered one is in the bathroom because Buddy won't cut through the AZ room, at night, to get to the other one. He STILL won't go into the same room, as the dogs.

From the sound of things, you definitely need at least two and, better, three more boxes. That's a lot of cat poop, for just two boxes.
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9 cats = 7 litter boxes. One in each room except the kitchen. The basement counts as a room. Scoop daily, change weekly. Buy litter in bulk. If I had more rooms I'd have more boxes.

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You should definitely either add a few more litter boxes, or go to WalMart or Target and get one of those big slide out drawers that go under beds that you put sweaters in and use that as a litter box instead. But for the amount of cats you have, you do need more boxes.
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The general rule of thumb, to be on the safe side. Is one box, PER cat, PER floor of your home.

If you have enough boxes for all, then there will be less chance that a cat will use some other spot to pee or poo because a box is too stinky or occupied. Or form some other behavoiral issue.
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I have 2 cats and 3 litter boxes..and I scoop twice daily and clean entirely, every other week.....unless it is nastier than normal, but I do believe you should at least get 3 or 4 more....JMHO though...Good luck!
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You could also try adding one or two jumbo size boxes. I have 5 cats and 3 Jumbo size boxes. I scoop once a day and change litter once a week.
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If you are worried about smells from having too many boxes for so many cats, try and get a jumbo sized covered box that comes with a door flap and a charcol filter. It can really help to cut down on the smells. I have one litter box sitting only but 2 feet from my computer desk and I can very rarely smell anything.
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I have big cats mostly, and I use those under the bed type plastic bins, with the top removed and they dont have as many accidents over the sides as they used to. They are like a huge litter box, and i have 2 of them and we have a bathroom that we dont really use and I keep 2 of them in our extra bathtub with the shower curtain mostly drawn closed and they dont track the litter everywhere. I just clean up the litter that they throw out of the pan and then when I clean the tub with disinfectant cleaner and then clean out my litter boxes outside and bleach them out with bleach cleaner. They love the extra space I think, since they are so huge.
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I have three cats and two litter boxes. I scoop twice a day, sometimes more. No offense but if I was a cat, I wouldn't want to be walking in all that poop. I'm sure your cat would thank you for more litter boxes.
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2 cats-2 boxes. I try to scoop every day but its more like every other day. Im bad.
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Thank you all for your thoughts

My kittys aren't "walking in all that poop" thank you, The boxes are the jumbo ones a small child could go in and sit with the cover on. I was thinking of getting another just because they tend to to #1 in one box and #2 in the other I figured if there were another box there'd be another choice.
Please,please,please don't think that they are dirty, BY ANY MEANS!!! I have inherited the 'clean freak' gene from my Mother and freak out if there is a cat hair out of place.

So again Thank you all for your thoughts!
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we have 4 cats and 2 covered litter boxes, i scoop them once everyday and fully change the litter once every fornight.
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I have three cats and three litter boxes. Two are traditional litter boxes that we got a PetCo. The third was an idea that a friend gave us. Take a $5 plastic tote that has the flip lids and cut out the side big enough for a cat to easily go into. The smell is kept nicely inside, there is plenty of space for the cat to #1 on one side and #2 on the other without stepping in either, no mess, and little tracking - and the tote is much cheaper then most litter boxes.
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I have six cats and eight litter boxes (two upstairs and 6 in the basement). I scoop twice daily. The only time we have a problem with smell is if someone doesn't cover their droppings.
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7 persians and 7 boxes all over the house. I would like to change to the covered ones for some areas, especially near our guest loo as the passage is a bit narrow and even the slightest smell seems to linger. I use a very fine litter which I find is better to contain smells. It is a bit more pricey but seems to last better. I scoop twice a day unless I notice something that needs scooping as I'm passing by!! I have burners all over my house and diffuse lavender essential oil daily throughout the house. Apart from the calming effect, the smell is wonderful.
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I have 3 cats, and 2 litter boxes. I have one large litter box and one small one, I have to go out and buy another large one to replace the small one though, I scoop every day!
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I have ONE cat and TWO boxes! Both are in the basement. When we moved into our new house she decided that she liked to pee in her box but poop in another corner. I put a new box in the corner where she pooped and now she uses both boxes regularly. I scoop once every 1-2 days.
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We have one cat and one box. We had two cats and two boxes, and after our other cat died I left both boxes out. JC continued to use "his" covered box and ignored the other one, so I put it away (maybe he'll need it when he's older). I use clumping litter, scoop at least once a day, and clean his box with steam every week, reusing the unused litter (sifted) for three weeks while adding extra, and every three weeks I completely change the litter.
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For cat odor problems I strongly recommend this product

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Hi Dali!

i have two kitties, and they have two litter boxes (i believe the ratio is 1 kitty: 1 litter box?)

i scoop out their undesirable about 3 times a day, sometimes more, as they have a tendency to use the litter boxes IMMEDIATELY after i empty them.

i like using metal scoops as they do not absorb odor.

i wash their litter boxes/mats/litter covers once a week.

Yesterday, i just did the task. i put on a pair of gloves, then wash the litter boxes/mats/covers with extremely hot water and detergent. i scrub with a brush especially for such purposes. After washing them, i would wipe them dry with paper towels, and blow dry everything.

Lastly, i refill with new litter. This way, there is no opportunity for "funny odor" to arise.

Smiles and cheers!
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I have 10 cats and 7 litter boxes.

Laurie has her own (she is in a large crate waiting to be spayed)
ashton has his own (he is in his own room waiting to be neutared!)
Grant and Marble share a box
Blizzy, nimby, stormy and snowwhite share two LARGE litter boxes
Moe and Neo each have there own box.

Once the kittens are running around the house and the ferals are back outside I plan to have 4 or 5 litter boxes in the house.

I scoop moe and neo's everyday or every day and half.
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I only have one cat and I have one litterbox for him. I religously scoop it daily, and scrub the litterbox and refill with all new litter as needed.
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2 cats = 2 boxes

Cooper poops in the AM and will come get me by clawing at the floor...
Jack pees more than he poops.... Cooper will come get me when Jack has pooped.

Cooper has stink issues....if it smells bad, she'll let you know

(so I end up cleaning the boxes about 3 times a day)
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