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ARRGG Shut up already!

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It turns out gentle Sherman is very very vocal. He wants outside - Not going to happen.

His cries and yowls are aggravating, but unlike most cats he has a higher pitch melodious type voice. It currently sounds like I have bird-cat cross in my dinning room right now. ...I wish he'd take an afternoon nap like my other two are currently doing.

Telling him to shush does no good, he'll answer you.

He's bored but doesn't want to nap and doesn't understand toys yet. How do you entertain a cat that doesn't play with toys and doesn't really like to be held for very long?
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Ah, no good deed goes unpunished, eh?

Not sure I have any constructive advice! He does sound like a sweetie though!
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I'll move this to the behavior forum so the experts can see it.
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You say he doesn’t understand toys – are these the ones he would play with alone or have you tried something interactive?

When I first brought Spooky inside he didn’t know what to do with stuffed mice or whatever and he meowed constantly. I got him a Da Bird and eventually he loved it and I could play with him when he got bored. I had to stimulate him a little more to make him think it was something to hunt.

Here’s what I did:

Flip the feather end of it in front of him to get his attention.
Quickly flip it away up high somewhere (like a shelf or the top of the dresser)
Wiggle the feather end gently until it got his attention

Then he would start stalking it like it was a real bird and I could flip it around like normal and he would chase it until he caught it or fell down exhausted.

Does he have a window he can look out to watch things outside? If he reacts to animals and birds on TV, maybe you could get one of those cat videos for him?

I hope he settles in well soon!!!
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I'll move this to the behavior forum so the experts can see it.
It's not a behavior problem. He's just settling in, bored, a bit put out that the other two haven't really welcomed him, and wanting outside of course.

I wasn't looking for advice. Just wanting to complain and joke about him being loud. Half the time his cries are funny - ever hear a cat try that tom cat yowl with a very high pitched voice? He sounds like a big wuss!

As for toys - he's scared of sticks, brooms, and anything like that if you hold it above or even near him. His previous owner had to have hit him before. I have to be careful throwing toys, too - I think he's had stuff thrown at him and can get easily spooked by this. He does like catnip (starts drooling from it) and has shown some short lived interest in milk rings.

I have two other house cats, there's little choice in letting them look out the windows - they demand it. Blinds are pulled up during the day for them all to see out. (see pictures in the fur pictures section) I can only imagine what the neighbors think when they look over and see a line of cats watching them from the dinning room window....

We won't have our satalite until tomorrow, hopefully, so I have no idea if he'll watch tv.
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OH poor dude......he will come around, it may kill you, but he will be fine. Maybe some ear plugs for you & all the others in your home.......
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Well, yesterday was an improvement! Less crying now that Tomas is being nicer and starting to play with him a bit... though now Sho doesn't like him.
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