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Bonnie's kitties are 4 weeks! Pics and update!!

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Whew, 4 weeks already?!?! It's been just flying by, but I am so happy the holidays are complete and now on to normal life...sorta LOL

The babies are doing so good in all aspects of development. My only problem-which is ALL my fault-is that Bonnie likes their hut so much on the bed that they don't have access to the litter box and food which I had wanted to start them on yesterday. Bonnie got upset when I have twice moved their hut to the floor--she calls for them and looks for them all over the room. I don't want to cause undue stress so I moved them back on the bed with me.

So, yesterday, we had them on the floor playing etc. and Oreo figured out how to climb back on the bed, but only Dale has figured out how to jump off the bed (no bedframe under mattress and boxspring)....I feel so horrible now because my schedule for them is off.

I weighed them yesterday and 3 of them are over the 400g mark and only Tortie-girl was 4 grams LOL

Here are the pictures of them from this morning. Yesterday was actually their birthday, but I was too busy for photo sessions LOL

Dale in the hut

GiGi wondering what would be the best running area LOL

Gigi posing to the snap of fingers

Dale having fun


Tortie-girl and GiGi playing

And our little angel Oreo
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They are absolutely the most precious little kittens. I would keep all of them
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I'm DYING of cuteness!!!!!
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Look at those sweet little babies. They are growing so fast.
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Oh my, they are precious! I want Dale!
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Everyone loves Dale! He is super cute and has the fullest Devon coat. He is such a curioius guy too. Today, he jumped off the bed and RAN out the door as fast as he could into the hallway...had to run to get him so he wouldn't get lost LOL

I think we're gonna try them on their kitten food this evening...I'm just so nervous about them getting to the litter when I'm not there. When we're feeding, I will put them in it to use, but other than that they'll be left to figure it out...which isn't my favourite option.
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I like Dale and Oreo the best out of the group. Coat wise they both have the better coats - from the pics I'd go with Oreo over Dale in coat and type.
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GoldenKitty, thanks for your professional opinion, it does mean alot to me. Yes, those two definitely have the best coats if that's what one is looking for. Tortie-girl and GiGi are going to our friends' home and they want the balder look. They both love Bonnie's looks and want one just like her. I did warn them gently that I cannot predict what they will have once they are ready for their new home, but by the looks of it, they should be similar to Bonnie. Here's a picture of Bonnie when she was 4 weeks old WITH hair. Tortie-girl and GiGi both have the same amount and looks the same length...but only time will tell how much will remain and how much will fall out as they shed their kitten fur.

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Bonnie at 6 weeks

Bonnie at 8 weeks...notice what 4 weeks can do to a kitten...she's a devon/sphynx's all becoming clear at this stage

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I Love GiGi!!! She is so cute!!!
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Tell me about 4 weeks and changing. I was just looking over Jack's pics from 1 month, 2 months and now 3 months they just grow and change so darn fast in a short time.

But I'm thankful the breeder gives me pics often so I can watch the development of an Oci from birth. Kinda like having them in my house and watching them.

Now I have to go back and find Charlie's pictures at 3-4 months old and compare the two boys.
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I love watching the development and growth especially when I am directly involved in the process.

Still having the "issue" of the kittens being on my bed, but now Bonnie kept me up all night calling them...I guess to get them off the bed??? Whatever she was doing, she was not going to stop for any reason LOL.

I am kinda sorta looking for some advice on what I should do besides suffer with the noise. This noise isn't her being in heat either, as that crossed my mind has something to do with the babies, I just need to figure out what!!
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They are super adorable! I love their big ears!
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those ears are going to get much larger as the weeks progress...they should be able to hear ppl on the other side of the globe!!
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They are so cute.
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Thanks Jackie! I am so in love with them too, but how can you not fall in love with creatures that are so beautiful, cute, and irresistable?!?

Next friday I will be in my absolute glory when my 2 sphynx girls get here...I'm so excited!!! I bought them a new bed to snuggle in today, can't wait until we can introduce them to the devon babies as I think they'll get along great! Still thinking of names for them too, but we're waiting till they are at home with us (albeit it will be after midnight when I pick hubby up at the airport with them in tow).

Fed the babies food tonight again with a little more success than last night. No litter playing today though, not one was interested. I moved them to the floor and so far, all is quiet with Bonnie...let's hope it stays that way!
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Darling Poodle was getting her sphynx today.
She should be there now.
her flight was going to come in at 6:25 eastern time.
You will love yours when they come.
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My kittens were four weeks on Saturday and they've been eating solids (raw beef and kitten biscuits) since Friday. They start putting on so much weight once they're being fed reguarly. Also mine are using the toilet tray after meals so probably a good idea to start giving them access
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I raised a litter of 8 kittens this summer and the litter box and food was so easy! I had them all trained 3 days before they turned 4 weeks. I know the food thing was easy as they were all trying to get full on mom's milk, but with 8 babies to feed, the supply runs out quick! They also were on the floor in the closet in their bed, so it alot easier than right now. They are on the floor now and all was quiet last night.

I knew when I wanted to start training them in the litter box and on food, but the food thing is tougher than last time for some reason. I think possibly because they're getting lots from Bonnie still, but they NEED to be on it now.

We'll do more training tonight. It's not a hard thing to do really, but sometimes the participants just dont wanna! LOL
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They all look so cuddly. I think Gigi and Oreo are my favorites.
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awwww, what cute kitties!! They are adorable
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Thanks Neesey, I have updated their pictures in the 5week old pictures thread in this forum. They are changing daily in my eyes because of their development. I am so in love with them...they sleep with me and cuddle so it's very difficult not to fall head over heels for them.
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