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Bonaparte licks soap

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Since I opened a new cake of jasmine scented soap Bonaparte can't leave it alone. Every time he can get into my bathroom he starts licking it. He then shakes his head as if he doesn't like it, but goes back for more. What would be in it that he likes? Why is he the only cat interested in it? And is it bad for him?
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Not sure Jenny, but Sophie will drink my bath water if theres any Radox bath salts in it, so i watch her like a hawk to stop her
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I'd shut the bathroom door or get a box to put the soap in.

I'm guessing his sense of smell says it's great but his tongue doesn't agree. As to why he keeps doing it....
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I can't help you with Bonaparte but I can tell you that Jennifer used to bite into the soap bar in the bathtub. I couldn't tell her I'd wash her mouth out with soap if she used curse words - she would have liked it.
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I try to keep the cats out of my bathroom as occasionally one of them pees on the mat in there. But my father is here for another month and he goes in there and leaves the door open. As he suffers from advanced dementia there is nothing I can do about that. I rather like my soap, but I may just have to hide it till my parents leave and we all get back to normal. Bonaparte doesn't seem to have any bad after effects.
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I've heard that many soaps contain animal fat, that may be what's attracting him?
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Real soaps do, detergent bars don't (ie, the "soap" you see on store shelves). Some of the handmade soaps may contain essential oils - I'm not sure why I didn't remember this the other day.
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That may be it - I bought this soap from a stall at a handmade crafts sale. So it may contain fats or oils that he likes. None of the other cats have tried it, though.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
None of the other cats have tried it, though.
Probably told them he has exclusive rights to the soap. It sounds funny but in my home when one cat gets ownership of something the other cats will not try to contradict it.
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I would just try to keep the soap closed up in a medicine cabinet or a small box so that he can't get at it.
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