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my boyfriend is allergic to my kitties!

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So, I have recently found a new boyfriend who is fairly allergic to cats. I need to find a way we can all co-exist harmoniously. I've read a few things on the internet about keeping things dusted and vaccuumned, but I've also read on allergy websites that it helps to bathe your cats once a week. I'm wondering how good this is for my cats since all the cat websites say to bathe only once every six weeks. Anyway, I would love any insight anyone can give me on how to go about creating a peaceful, sneezeless abode.

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Put your boyfriend on allergy medication. There are several good ones available over the counter. Invest in a pair of grooming gloves and groom your cat every time you pet your cat.
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There are many things you can do, and vacuming with a vacum that has air filters can make a big difference, if you can vacum and dust every day then do it!

When you groom you cat, can you do it outside? That will also cut down extremely on loose fur and it's dander.

There are sprays and whipes (like wet ones) you can use on your cat for allergies, there are spays such as the new Frebreeze spray you can use on furniture and carpets etc which is for pet allergies.
You can get other air filters which plug in, such as the True Air, or Ionic Breeze.

I would not recommend bathing your cat anymore then once a month, preferably every 2-3 months however. And using a CAT specific shampoo, not one for humans or dogs. Or one for a kitten if you have a young cat.

Keep your home well ventilated, keep doors/windows open when you can, a cross breeze would be great. Make sure the air filters in your house say clean!
If your boyfriend stays the night, try and keep the cats out of your bedroom, or off your bed, so he wont have to snuggle with a pillow covered in cat fur next to his face all night!

And yes, talk to him about an allergy medication.

There is hope, some people over time can build up a tolerance to cats, and for some lucky ones the allergy goes away all together!
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They now have OTC allergy medicine..I think it is Clariton.

Before I replied to this, I went and looked on the internet, and yes it is Clariton.. here is a link
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Unfortunately, I have a problem with cat dander allergies too (and I have two kitties!). I would never give my kitties up and tried everything.

I, of course, keep everything as clean as possible -- vaccum often, wash bedding often (since they sleep with me), dust, etc.

I have 3 ionic breeze air cleaners (available from sharper image) -- I have one in my bedroom and two in other living areas.

The above helped, but the thing that really did the trick is Flonase nasal spray (available by prescription). It works for all kinds of allergies. Great stuff -- I can't live without it. I use it every day, but every once in a while I forget and my allergies flare up again. In those instances, I use Allegra or Zyrtex. The Flonase though, when used every day, is a preventative (and I don't even notice the allergies). I can even kiss, nuzzle, and sleep with my kitties and not get an allergic reaction at all.
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On a scale of 1-4 (4 being the worst)my husband is a 4 to cats. The allergist said he's probably developed somewhat of an immunity to them. He also takes Claratin which he said helps immensely.
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I was allergic to cats, dogs, grass, weeds, dust, dander, etc. However, I have found, ironically, that by being exposed to those elements has greatly reduced my allergenic reactions, and now I own 2 cats and 2 dogs, and live in the country!

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