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What could this be?

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A couple of days ago I noticed that Zeus was loosing hair in his ear. When I looked there is a patch of hair missing in his ear. The skin looks a little irritated and is a little crusty around the edges. I will take him to the vet but does anyone have any idea what it could be. He received vaccinations on Wednesday along with a dose of Frontline.

Front view, you can see the pink on the right ear where the hair is missing. (we haven't washed his eyes today so please ignore that)

These are the best pictures I can get of the sore
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Has he been rubbing it with his paw like they do when they clean their face? It kinda looks like that to me. Maybe he had a few earmites and the Revolution was making his ear tickle? I don't know, but I hope it's nothing serious!
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It doesn't seem to bother him and I haven't noticed him rubbing it.
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Possibilities: earmites, fleas (past bite and an allergy to it), ringworm, or maybe even infection.

Hopefully your vet has an answer. For now you could try keeping it clean and maybe put a little antibiotic ointment on it to see if it takes a little of the redness out.
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I have been putting ointment on it and it doesn't seem to help. We had a run of ringworm before he came, could it still be on our furniture a month after we are all healed?
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I believe ringworm can stay in the environment for up to 2 years. So that very well could be your problem. Looking at his eyes, is that just because of his breed or is he sick? If sick, that makes ringworm infection more likely as lowered immune systems makes animals (and humans) more susceptible.
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The eyes are because of his breed and I didn't wash them today. He normally doesn't look so bad. I wonder if the move here stressed him just enough to pick up the RW still living in my house? I hate to go through this again but at least I know what to do. I will see what the vet says tomorrow.
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It looks like it could be ringworm to me. Give your vet a call tomorrow & see what they think.
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Looks like ringworm

Yes, the spores can live in your environment for up to 18mos or so. That's why a thorough disinfecting is recommended with ringworm...not all people do it, but that's just the recommendation.

The move definately could have stressed him enough to lower his immunity enough that the ringworm came back.

Good luck at the vets.
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