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Multi-purpose antibiotics?

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This isn't a problem, just a question.

Cotton had his cleaned and several pulled just before the holidays hewas on antibiotics beforethe surgery and has been for about 2 weeks after it now. He has another week or so of meds left because the vet gave him one to prevent infection from the work in his mouth and another to try and clear up some of his gingivitis.

This morning we noticed that since he's been on his antibiotics, his old frostbite scars are really healing up quickly. Usually he'll lose a scab and the new skin will be pink for quite awhile but he's lost two big scabs off his ears in the last while and you can't even tell where they were.

I know it makes sense that his immune system is probably in high gear from the antibiotics, but I've never seen the healing this obvious. Has anyone else ever seen this?
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Of course, in myself. Most antibiotics are not very specific. Most are designed to kill off several bacterias - this is why they get called moderate or broad spectrum antibiotics. Ever had diarrhea when taking an antibiotic (or wondered why pets get it)? This is because the antibiotics aren't specific and will kill off good bacteria, too.

As long as it's a positive response, that's all the matters. Since he's taking so much you may want to give him some probiotics to help rebuild his intestinal tract with good bacteria.

Here's a some basic info about Amoxicillin - a commonly used antibiotic in cats.
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