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Cat pooping on floor

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Hi, Im sure a question like this has been asked but I can;t seem to find it.

Anyway, I have an older female cat and 2 younger ones (brother and sister) in a one story town house. They get along well enough (the girls growl at each other sometimes) but they are civil enough so they can lay on the same bed and sit on the same couch. The male is so mellow and gets along with everybody.

The older cat Molly in the past year has been constantly pooping on the carpet in the living room. It's always in the same two spots. It's not stained but I know if the scent is there she might continue. Ive tried deep cleaning, shampooing and the odor thing that apparently cat's hate. I have 2 litter boxes that I scoop daily and change no less that 2 times a week. Nothing seems to work. My husband is so fed up he is ready to take her to the vet to be put down. I say that's horrible, she's a fine healthy cat otherwise and belonged to my deceased Grandmother.

Any other ideas that I can try? I desperate!
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Cats are very teritorial. Have you tried a litter tray in the spot she is pooping in?? Cat behaviourists advise to have one litter tray per cat per household with one spare and if possible in different places in the house. Cats are very paticular and some don't like to share a tray and like to have their own. I suggest introducing two more litter trays and one in the spot where shes been pooping (or in the room). Another thing to bare in mind about trays is are they private, some cats hate to be viewed when doing their business. Hope this helps and I am sure this can be solved.
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Welcome to TCS!

I have on kitty who will poop outside the box when she has a UTI (urinary tract infection). Has her urine been tested to rule out a UTI/crystals as the cause?

Next thought - has a fecal sample been checked? Has she had a vet exam? How old is older - perhaps you need to do a senior blood panel as well to see if anything is wrong there?

When did you get her....my thought behind this is that it is possible she moved into your house from your grandma's & if she started it then - it would be behavioral (from the chance of house, etc).

It will be inconvenient, but if you put litter pans where she goes, will she use them?

Those are the only ideas/thoughts/questions I can think up for now, hopefully something will help.
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