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Wonder if anyone can help me- giant cat

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Hi there,

I'm normally a more of a doggy person- I don't own a cat, but early on today (around 1ish) I was taking my dog for a walk and saw this giant cat, and I wondered whether anyone here can tell me what it is. Unfortunatly, I didn't take a photo, but I will try and describe it as best as I can:

1) It was mainly white

2) It had red/brown tipped ears, a small patch of it over its head/eye, and a bit on its tail.

3) It was about 2ft tall and just about 3ft long- about the size of a small springer spaniel- at a distance it looked like my neighbours dog loose, so I wondered up to it- it wasn't fazed at all and kept staring at me. It had greensish eyes.

4) moved very, very fast. When my dog tried to creep up to it (a large lab) it sort of 'sprang' over the fence, not even running like I have seen normal cats do.

5) shortish hair

6) longish white whiskers

7) when it meowed, it was like a average cat, no deeper or louder.

I spotted it in england, cold weather, surburban place in a small field on a hill of wood chippings just after midday. The area has had sightings of a alledged large black puma. A friend, who hasn't seen it, has suggested it was a cross off of it.

Can anyone tell me what it is?
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Like this, but much bigger.
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It sounds like it is just a biiiiiig moggie!!! With Van markings (head and tail colored, the rest white). Some cats can get to be 20 lbs or so... depending on what they're mixed with.
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Thread Starter going to try and find out what it is...
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Originally Posted by meow91 View Post going to try and find out what it is...
Cool. Let us know. No wild cat would be white - unless its albino... it wouldn't survive. And then it would have blue eyes.
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Lots of people have suggested its a giant turkish van, but it their too hairy, although look just like it!
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That coloration is usually called flame point. Maybe you saw a cat that has some maine coon or raggie breed in him but without the longer fur?

Also, our memories are imperfect. As is the human mind at accurately measuring distance and size (we can't even get time right*). We usually need a known item to definitely gauge by. Very likely the cat is not as big as you remember, but is a fairly large male moggie. Nothing so special about him such as being a wild cat cross.
The "large" black cat sightings in many areas are usually caused by this exact same thing. The human mind is easily fooled and the animal in question is nothing more than a large house cat.

*Studies have shown that even age affects how we keep track of time. Have someone in their twenties count out 60 seconds - they'll be fast. Repeat with someone older, their 60 seconds will likely be over. Our minds are imperfect.
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What you saw was a cougar and/or mountain

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How about an escaped Savannah?
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