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I started caring for my first feral family, a mama and her three babies. One of the babies seemed to be ill and I also wanted to have the family spayed/neutered and didn't know the age perameters were acceptable. I had absolutely no experience with cats or kittens so I googled kitten care and posted a question on the experts forum. The information I received helped me to ensure that Blondie, Hercules, Al and Blackjack all were taken to get spayed/neutered and that little Hercules got well.

Since that time, I have acquired Sunny, my first kitten (indoor) and have had numerous questions about his care. He was also very very sick when we found him. This site has helped me to care for him properly and now he is absolutely thriving.

Another mama cat, Matilda has decided to move in with our little feral family. She has three babies, Star, Zoey and Mango. Little Star was plagued with a very severe eye infection when he was very tiny. The advice I received on TCS helped me to get him on the mend and today he's rather robust and is perfectly healthy.

Also recently, we have had a large male under our house who stares longingly at the cats/kittens while they eat. I've kind of decided to name him Oliver but haven't really decided. He's been eating for about a week and will also be neutered along with Matilda and her three babies. So far, no questions or concerns with Oliver - yet. TCS will be there if I need them - I can count on that.

TCS has been a lifesaver (literally) for my babies and has provided me with a wealth of information that I didn't know in regards to cat/kitten care. For that, I am forever greatful.
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I started lurking quite a while ago, after a cat I had had for almost 14 years (RIP, buddy!) died from cancer. I learned a lot about feline health that I wish I had known earlier.

I started posting because I had specific questions about treatments for feline asthma.

As at least one another poster mentioned, this site is a great place for like-minded people to talk about pet health concerns. When my cat was sick, I learned very quickly who among my friends "gets it" and who doesn't when it comes to animals. Some of the loveliest people may not necessarily understand that to us, pets are family members!
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I joined last year after typing in on google 'cat forums' just out of curiosity...low and behold TCS came up on the first page and it caught my eye for some reason

And I am still lurking about on here a year later after sharing so many stories about my trio Must have you guys hooked!
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i can't remember how i found TCS i joined in order to enter a song i sang to Pixel & Mouse into a contest... the deadline on which had passed like 2 days earlier
took me a year to find my way back - but i haven't left since!
i became a paying member about 2-3 years ago.
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I came here b/c Gus had just died and I wanted advice about Nora grieving, and I also wanted to see other people's cute kitties to get my mind off of him.

I found TCS by googling "cat forum".
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I joined in April 2003. My first post was very embarassing. I couldn't spell and my words were all over the place. I had been 13 for a month.

If you would like to relive my embarrasment - http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17598
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I joined in Nov 2007 because my brother showed me the site and I was getting a kitten from him with fcks.
My first post was about Coco with her bladder problems.
The next posts were sad.
They were not long after Strormy was pts.
I have learned so much she I joined this site.
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I joined becuase I was bored at work I belie I googled cat forums and TCS was tops! In addition to relieving my boredom I found great friends and unbelievable support
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I joined just a few days after getting Chestnut and he had a seziure and I googled everything I could think of to try and find any info I could! I loved TCS so much, I stayed!
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In August 2006 i went perusing through google on information about looking after blind cats, and TCS seemed to know everything! This was only days after Tristan's mum saved a 4 months old blind kitty from a certain death, and now she is known as Cleo and is extremely adventurous and independent!

Since the people here seemed as nutty and animal friendly as me, it seemed like a place i was going to be on for a very long time
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i found the site in a google search, after deciding i was sick of the usual car owner forums and stuff.

im very proud of my cat and i love her to bits so i wanted to talk to others who would share my feelings.

i was particularly interested to find your nearly all from the usa so that makes it extra interesting for me.
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I joined because I was desperate to find ways to help Mittens lose weight. When we got him in Jan. 2003, he weighed 25 pounds...now he is a pretty healthy 14 pounder We still have a few to go, but he is doing much better!!!!!
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I found the site via Google right after we got Carly. She was peeing in the dining room and while I did have a solution (move the litter box back from the bathroom to the extra bedroom), I wanted to see what I could do if that didn't work. That was June 2005 and we've had Carly almost 4 years now.

I've also received a lot of support with Much's weight loss and Lucy's bladder problems.
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Originally Posted by Wildflower79 View Post
Having never owned a cat before I spent the next several months after getting Gizmo doing internet searches. At some point I stumbled upon TCS. I found the information here to be very helpful and the people to be quite friendly so after lurking around for a bit, I finally joined.
I love it here!
Oh, with one difference from the post above: I have had cats all my life... I guess just not the proper way
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I joined to learn more about cats and their behavior since Miagi and Tiger are my very first cats.
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I joined TCS the day I got my Kizmet

I had gotten him on a Tues, but had been browsing for resources since the weekend.

I came across this board amongst others, and it seemed to be quite like how I run my own board/groups, as well as it seemed the most active out of the forums I saw.

THe activity level is what drew me in for the most part. I like forums that are "busy". Instead of forums where you may never get a question answered or it may take a while. This site, pretty much within hours, you can expect a response.

I've made one very good friend already, and a couple more friends which is always an added bonus I'm hoping to be able to get to know others as time goes by.

I think I'll be staying with this forum.
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I joined to have fellow cat lovers to chat with.I have been looking for a cat forum for a while and found this one
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I found TCS when I Googled Advantage for my cats. I didn’t trust anything that was a liquid that seeps into skin and wanted some more information since the Veterinary swore by this product. I ended up finding a lot more information then I could ever imagine and finding a wonderful bunch of folks who actually cared if my babies did something cute that day lol.
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I started searching because I wanted to know if it was normal and safe that Kitters loves to eat Rose Petals, and she loves broccoli! I joined because I am a cat finatic and have been addicted ever since!
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When the husband finally conceded and said we could get a cat, I immediately started looking for forums. I like the forum media for socializing and finding out information. Plus, my cat loving friends were getting a bit tired of me emailing them 5 times a day asking questions
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I found TCS back when I adopted Forest and I was looking for information on his condition. Forest has cerebellar hyperplasia, and even vets have woefully little knowledge of the condition. I was trying to learn more about it and how I could help improve his quality of life with his disability. In my search I found the Floppy & Friends site, which is about another cat with CH, and they had a link here! I initially joined because it was a great resource for a wealth of cat-related information...I became addicted to it because of all the really great people.
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I belonged to another forum for cats, but due to some really sketchy drama and backstabbing, I looked for a new place to call home. I had a friend who was a member here who suggested I give it a shot and I've been here since.
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I can't remember why I joined. I've been a member for a while though. This and one other cat site are my 2 all time faves. The moderation here is really good, and there's no flaming or piling on type behavior. I've been on other sites where members aren't so nice.
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I was referred to TCS by a member of a German cat site I belong to (but rarely post at anymore).
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I found it in my search for information on TF and chronic diarrhea.
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A stray cat with fleas, bloating and a badly infected eye showed up meowing outside my office door. It was Jan 5 2005. I knew nothing about cats. Besides taking him to the vet I googled for cat care information and found this site. I joined about a month later.
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I joined because I needed help - the cat I had just adopted had gotten out and was lost. I got some great advice and people didn't beat me up too badly even though I deserved it.
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Had some questions about my 3 cats. I went to other pet sites but they were not very friendly or helpful and too localized. TCS was perfect.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
I joined to find like-minded people to hang out with.

After I joined though, I wasn't very active due to WebTV issues. When Winchester was diagnosed with the dry form of FIP, I lurked more at first to see what I could find out regarding FIP, then became more active again after getting the computer.
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When Zoey got sick, I started searching the net for information on FIP and all other things that could cause her symptoms. I first posted on a Canadian pet site, but no one responded (the board was pretty slow). So, I then came across this one and posted. For the first while, I pretty much only checked out the Health and Nutritian forum, but once Zoey passed away, I started venturing into other parts of the site.

I liked learning about cats, as I had never owned a cat before Zoey. I feel that I am a better cat owner because I have read so much about cats and people's experiences with them.

I also think it has made me a bit paranoid, but I'd rather be paranoid than ignorant.
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