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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and looks like we are going to get some more snow this afternoon. It's quite chilly a -21C as well.

Not to perky today, woke up with a sinus headache. Hopefully it will feel better once I get up and about a bit.
Just going to finish up some chores around the house this morning then if I am feeling better going over to have dinner with my Aunt.

The kitties are good this morning, being lazy right now all are sleeping in various places around the house.

Everyone have a great day
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Well, I got up about 45 minutes ago and I fed Mittens and Watson. I started another load of laundry....we had a pile in the living room since I didn't do it for awhile...I am going to do some preparation from my lesson plans I made last night since school starts back again tomorrow. I plan to leave in about 1 1/2 hours to go to church with my mom and stepfather. I will then head to lunch with them and my grandfather and aunt. After that, I will come home to my husband and his best friend watching football playoffs. I need to grade some papers and enter them into the gradebook...I hope that's all I need to do today...oh and grocery shop for the week. Phew! I need one more day off after today Have a great one everybody!!
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Going to take the Christmas tree down today and do a bit of laundry.
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We both have colds, so much is not on for today, though I've just done 3 loads of laundry, and tidied up the Xmas stuff, in order to be put into storage. And I have to go back tomorrow, after 18 days of wonderful, relaxing, hanging around the house vacation! (Actually, it was only to be 16 days, but I had that stomach virus, and had to take that Thursday & Friday off. I tried to go to work on Fri., but got dizzy while driving, and had to get someone to pick me up and take me home. I spent the entire day just sleeping. I didn't really feel better until the following Monday, so my vacation didn't start off too well!).


DH just came home from the bookstore. His dad had given him a $25 gift card for there, and DH found a set of 4 DVDs (13 episodes) of The American Revolution (it was on the History Channel, but I missed it). It was 40% off, plus his gift card, so: $6!!!! That's what we're doing today--snuggling on the sofa, watching it! Yipeeeeeee!!!!
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Off to work for three hours at 12.
DH and I have colds too. I think it's the weird cold/warm poopy weather.
How come on Jan 1st it can't change into summer? I feel at midnight Dec 31'st all winter should melt and summer (or even spring) should start at 1 am...
Then I wake up from that nice dream and start getting ready for work again!!!
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I slept in today. Today is my only day off so I will be doing laundry (2 loads for bedding, 1 towels, 1 uniforms) And I have to vacuum. Between sand from outside and residual cat litter, when I walk on the floor barefoot I feel like I'm on the beach.
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Good morning.

It's my last day of holiday so Islept in with the kitties this morning. I'm just finishing up my tea then I have to run the dishwasher, do some laundry and remind my husband to take the car for gas unless he wants to do it on his way to work at 5am tomorrow.

I'll have to take a taly of what's in the kitchen and I may need to do some groceries for this week.

Other then that, I'm just puttering around. I'll probably work on my cat afghan that I got for Chritsmas - it's adorable, but really hard to crochet when your cats don't understand the concept of "It's not done yet - you can't sleep on it until it's done."

Hope everyone has a great day.
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I slept in today. I woke up on and off from 10am-12:30pm when I finally decided to get up. It has been a while since I've been able to stay in bed until 12:30.

Today I am not doing a whole lot. I'm going to clean a bit and relax. At some point I am going to watch The House Bunny that I rented last night.
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Well we have quite the ice skating rink in the driveway this morning. Not much salt in the garage to use so i put down in spots and scraped where I could so at least the vehicles can get a bit of traction in spots. We have close to a quarter inch of ice on anything and temps are going to drop throughout the day to -3F tonite.

Did a couple loads of laundry and refilled some of the birdfeeders. Played one Wii game for a bit. Made eggs,cheese and canadian bacon w/toast for a later breakfast. Kept some ads out of the sunday paper for purchases later this week.

Will be a lazy person for rest of day.

Back to regular 10-4 schedule tomorrow.
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Well, since I came down sick yesterday afternoon/evening, I am just going to laze around a bit. I do need to go and get gas and air up a tire, but other than that, I am going to rest today. I don't know if I ate something yesterday or it was the stomach flu, it just takes something out of you. I am kinda weak today. Not eating much today to give my stomach a rest. We think it was the smokehouse almonds I ate yesterday. That was the only thing that we can think of that was different from what I normally. Although, they have never been a problem before.
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Wow so many slept in and so many are sick. Vibes for those who are sick.

We put all the Christmas decorations away. Our decorations are boxed and ready to move to storage. We made room in our closet for baby stuff. My cousin dropped off 4 boxes of clothes! Her son is 16months and she is getting hand downs from her nephew (I am sure we will get them also). Eventually I will have to sort them by size and wash them all cause she smokes in her house.
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Well, Sunday is almost over.

I did some baking (banana bread and banana mocha creme pie), made a nice big meal for supper (chicken, stuffing, baby carrots, potatoes and dessert)...

Did grocery shopping... tidied up my recipe shelf.... watched a movie with the hubby...

nothing too terribly exciting, but I was actually physical most of the day (physical to me, because of my disabilities, is standing and doing stuff as opposed to sitting on the comp, or laying on the couch for most of the day) so I'm happy I had a good day
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