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I am trying to talk my husbnad into getting a dog

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My husband loves dogs but he always says no when I ask if we can have one.
Is there any way I can talk him into saying yes?
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Would it be a major problem if you just brought one home?
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I wouldn't reccomend just bringing one home - find out exactly why he doesn't want a dog & discuss the issue.
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I would never just bring one home.
He is afraid it would pee all over the house and the furniture.
He also is afraid it would chew our furniture.
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Then get a dog, not a puppy!

My next dog will most likely be a rescue dog that's slightly older.
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It's possible a new dog of any age will pee in the house - or despite being an adult chew on things. In many cases - the dog will not be housetrained when you first bring him/her home (even if it was previously - always expect accidents). As for chewing, all of mine, even the 4 & 5 y/o Labs, occaisonally chew up something they shouldn't. It's my fault - if I don't watch & they don't have enough to do - they find something else.

Both those issues are things that can be worked through. It also depends on what breed/"group" of dog you go for - ie a German Shorthaired Pointer will need much more exercise than other breeds. I have a Bichon - she bounces off the walls. I know a 13 y/o Yorkie who is also very active. Do you have a fenced in yard? Time to devote to walks 1-2x a day?

I'd just talk to hubby - talk over the issues - have a plan for when those issues arise - and see if you can't both come to an agreement.
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We have a big yard and have time to walk a dog also.
I want a small dog.
We had alot of dogs when I was a kid.
We had German Shepard mixes,Lab Mixes. a German Shorthair we adopted from the pound.
She lives 15 years also.
We also had a somayed mix.
We had to amny dogs to list.
My husband only had a beagle.
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Small dogs are often harder to housetrain (my Izzy would be case in point 1 year old & nowhere near housetrained). Do you work during the day or are you gone a lot? They have smaller bladders so need to go out more often. Some breeds are generally thought of as "smarter" - so need more mental stimulation. Like a Border Collie wouldn't necessarily be happy with just walks & playing in the yard.
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I do not have a job right now.
We are home alot right now.
My husband is home most of the day.
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How about a Chinese Crested to go with your Sphynx? I LOVE mine!!! There are several rescue groups just for Cresteds, you could get an adult and then that would help with the peeing/chewing issues.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Small dogs are often harder to housetrain (my Izzy would be case in point 1 year old & nowhere near housetrained). Do you work during the day or are you gone a lot? They have smaller bladders so need to go out more often. Some breeds are generally thought of as "smarter" - so need more mental stimulation. Like a Border Collie wouldn't necessarily be happy with just walks & playing in the yard.
My toy pomeranian was 9 months before she trained. My brother's yorkie was a year. I was surprised when I got Macie in October she is a mulit-poo she was trained in a few weeks. I would do a little research on different breeds, to find one that fits your family.
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If you can talk him into it - go for it. Just be aware that many adults do have seperation anxiety issues, etc. Don't go for a puppy mill dog - as they are harder to housebreak oftentimes. Discuss if you want a "non-shed" dog, but know non-shed dogs need to be groomed more often. Read up on breeds, figure out what your energy level is vs. their exercise needs, be aware of genetic health issues if you find a purebred. Make sure the dog is known to be good with cats.

(All these things you may know - but hey - I'd rather if hubby's not so keen on a dog you talk all this stuff over now!)
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I do not care if its a purebred.
I do not want one from a puppy mill.
I would like a dog with short or no hair.
It does have to be good with cats.
My husband dosent like cats lol.
Dogs he loves.
My sister brought her chihuahua over last week and Meeko loves her.
Cleo hissed and growled even thouse she was nevr near her.
The breeder said he has 3 dogs.
I forgot to ask what kind.
Coco was around dogs until she was 10 years old and Meeko until she was 2.
Sasha and Oreo only lived with dogs for 3 months.
I will watch the genectics for sure.
I looked at that before I got Cleo.
I can talk to a fe rescues and see what they say.
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Puppies are cute but they take a heck of a lot of time in training in all things. Personally, when Keno is not with us (in Rainbow Bridge) we will get a breed rescue dog that is full grown and trained.

Its so much better to have a dog that is obedienced trained and house trained and skip the puppy problems.

But you just got your Sphynx and might show her - do that for awhile, then address the dog issue again.
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I was thinking of getting a dog in March or April.
I do plan on showing Cleo.
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I would never be without a dog. When my border collie passed last Feb it took me 2 mths to find a breeder with a bc pup for sale. Tilba was 12 w/o when we got her. Although Blossom grew up with 2 dogs she was a little wary, for about a week, of the new pup. I feel its better to get a pup if you have the time & inclination to look after their housetraining & chewing up etc, to integrate with the other members of the household. This was also an issue with my son's 8 y/o dog that isn't used to strange dogs.
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Meeko was very friendy to my sisters dog when she was here.
She was hgging her and purring.
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Keep in mind - bringing in a dog will stress your kitties. When Damita was so sick - having a foster dog made her much worse.
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I do not want them to get sicker.
Coco already has alot of problems.
Meeko has feline herpes and Cleo has a Uri right now.
I do not think a dog would bother coco.
She never stresses out over anything.
The other might stress out.
Oreo hid for almost a week fater my sister brought the dog over.
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That's another thing to consider - some cats do not adapt well to a dog. My Molly has herpes that flares up easily - if Izzy gets excited & "buzzes" by her when she has the zoomies - Molly is liable to have herpes flare up.
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Meeko has a flare up right now.
She has lysine.
She is the one that likes the dogs.
I think I will ask the vet.
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Something I just remembered that happened a long time ago. I had a persian cat who was used to our dog. She passed & we got a bigger, younger dog. Smokee wasn't fussed by the new dog & started going across the road to an old lady's house. She befriended him & most days I used to go across & bring him home. One day he decided to come home on his own & was killed by a car that didn't stop.
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My boyfriend never wanted a dog, I very sneakily put it in his head we needed one lol. What I did was start volunteering at the SPCA. My boyfriend progressively started working more overtime due to a promotion. I mentioned how scared I was at home alone (this is not a lie, I am a 30 year old chicken) how we need more security, more alarms, locks etc… **cough** a dog **cough**

We volunteered for about 3 months before Bruno picked my boyfriend. It was actually amazing now that I think about it. It was almost like you could actually hear a “click” when they looked at each other. So, with me talking about needing a dog for months, then getting my boyfriend to walk and play with the dogs for a few months we ended up with Bruno.

I think the fact that we volunteered helped him with his decision. He was able to meet each dog and learn about different behaviors. He knew what he wanted, and what he didn’t. It was much different then seeing a cute puppy and picking them out of a litter after 15min of playing, or seeing pictures on the Internet. Which is great if you love animals and know you will love no matter what type of personality you will get. I think this way made my boyfriend more comfortable with the decision. We volunteered at least 3 days a week, so we had a lot of exposure to the dogs.

In the end it was my boyfriend who said he wanted Bruno. This from a guy who said we will never get an animal, and if we ever did it would be in 10 years lol.

Good luck!
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my sphynx had never been around dogs before coming to live with 3. she loved them from day one did you say your husband doesn't like cats? how do you have 5 then?
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Sometimes there are dogs at the shelter who are well trained and who are there through no fault of their own and who are not considered adoptable. These are the "senior" dog age 7+ who sometimes get dumped because the owner passed away, the couple who owned them split up, somebody had to move etc.

Chances are good you can get a well behaved dog who is good with kitties.

PS tell hubby dogs are good for your health - it's true!
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Maybe an older dog would be good? Of course Graf was just a puppy when we got him (years and years ago) but it took him awhile to get Paul (our cat at the time( to get used to him.
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When we first dated I told him I will always have cats.
When I got Cleo I gave him a choice of getting a cat or dog and he said gte a cat.
Cleo lived with 3 dogs since she was born.
I wonder why she hisses at dogs.
She got along great with the breeders dogs.
I bet she would be fine with dogs once she gets to know them.
My other cats are.
Meeko hgs them and purrs and she has not been around a dog in 6.5 years.
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chiquita doesnt pee in the house and she is really good as long as you walk her. And she doesnt chew on anything except stuffed animals if u give it to her. but yea maybe get puppy pads or somethings but since u always home most of the time you can watch to see if it is about to go. chiquita didnt like the pads at first.
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Tell that to Steve.
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