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Dang! It's Cold Season Again

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All afternoon and evening, I've had a little tickle in the back of my throat. Now it's turning into a non-productive cough and a nasty (non-migraine) headache. I just dug through the medicine closet and found my Vitamin C, Vitamin A, L-Lysine, Zinc and Echinacea. I also read somewhere that Lactobacillius Acidophilus helps boost the immune system....and I just happen to have some! I'm still looking for that new thermometer that I purchased last cold season. I feel like I might be running a temp.

So I'm off to snarf down a handful of herbal remedies, in hopes of nipping this one in the bud. I have a General Surgery Meeting at 7 am Monday morning that I have to speak at. At least I'll g a little relief from my albuterol inhaler.....I honestly don't know how I survived without them, growing up!!!

I was SO hoping that the weekly allergy shots would boost my immune system, and I'd have less colds than I did last year. I had a cold every 5 - 6 weeks, from early October, to the end of March(two of which sent me to Urgent care for breathing treatments!!) I guess having my first one in January is a little improvement. I just hope I can kick it fast. I'm scheduled for oral surgery on Jan 15th, and I'm sure they'll cancel me if I'm sick.

Anyone want to send some anti- my way???
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Oh my... I find that Zinc and lots of vitamin C do the trick for me... When I am getting sick I take 1 tablet of zinc every 4-5 hours for a couple of days, and it works great. My stomach doesn't appreciate much, but I try to eat something with it... I hope you get better soon!
I wish It was a little colder in here... it's 67F, and if feels like an oven inside of my apartment! Hello-o it's winter!!!
Get better soon!
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Get better soon!! STay away nasty cold!!!!
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DH has had a cold since the middle of last week, and I've had it for 3 days now.

I use Halls vitamin C drops. I also swear by Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea. I usually just plop 1-2 bags in a glass of cold water, and let it steep for about 5-10 minutes. I just drank a glass, and my nose already feels better! I honestly think this stuff helps, even with sinus headaches. I get immediate relief. Even though the nutrition label claims no nutritional value or vitamin C, the ingedients are full of vitamin C (rose hips, for example). Also, it just tastes delicious--a citrus with peppermint flavor, and is a lovely, dark red in color. Great as iced tea, too, esp. with lemon slices.

I can't take antihistamines, so I rely on natural stuff, esp. food. Lots of garlic, tomato soup, lemon in hot water, tea, chili (gets those "juices" flowing!), spaghetti sauce. I drink tons of water, too. Soda helps--it's the carbonation. I think the most helpful drink is 2 TBLSP of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Yeah, I know it tastes awful (but you get used to it; after awhile, it's almost refreshing), but I find it really cuts the congestion, and acts as a tonic--I always feel a bit peppier afterwards. Drink twice a day (if you have no cider vinegar, white vinegar is ok). It's also good for your blood sugar, if you are diabetic (supposedly), and supposedly for anemia; you should drink it everyday, though.

Hope you feel better!
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Hope you feel better soon! Let us know how all the herbals work
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Sending along a lot of feel better vibes to you.

I woke up with a nasty sinus cold this morning which doesn't seem to want to let up either. I am hoping that I can get rid of it soon, with me if I have a sinus headache that lasts to long I end up with a sinus infection.
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I have been fighting a cold for 3 to 4 days, I finally gave up & admitted I have a cold, and feel like crap!! I have taken some Claratin D hoping it will dry me up a little. Gonna try to take a nap now. Hope we all start feeling better soon!!
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Best of luck to all of you with colds out there. As an asthmatic getting sick always triggers my asthma. When I feel a sore throat coming on I always gargle with salt water 3x daily. I down water like a freshman at his first keg, and I'm always sipping on some Traditional Medicinals throat care or gypsy cold care tea. Symptoms never last more than a few days and I escape really exacerbating my asthma.
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