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Oh Renae, I don't know how I missed this! What a great note to get!!!!!!!!!!! You must be so sad and happy all at the same time. They obviously love him, and he wanted to sit in her lap for pets! I am amazed! This is great news.

I've got my fingers crossed that all continues to go well. It sounds like a great start. I'm so happy for you, Caruso - and his new family.

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It sounds like this time Caruso has got a good mommy! I think it is a much better home than the one before. She really seems to know what she is doing.
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I just saw this - what a beautiful kitty Caruso is!

How is he doing now in his new home?
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It sounds like it was a good thing that the first home didn't work out. It sounds like he got a good home.
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Kellye, I haven't heard from her today. But her note to me yesterday sure did make my heart sing!

Krazy Kat, I think you are right. This home sounds perfect for him. The fact that she refered to her other cat as "The Great Cat of Ra" is a sure sign that she loves cats!
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Wow, what wonderful news! Hurray for Caruso!!
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I just received this e-mail from Caruso's new mom.

Got some more Rescue Remedy, dosed both cats and allowed them to meet. Hank still hisses when Caruso gets too close, but there is not even a threat of bloodshed. Not best buddies yet, but they will be getting along well in the near future.

Caruso is eating -- not a lot, but sufficient. . He is now sharing the feeder instead of being locked in the back bedroom. I decided it was more stressful for him to be isolated than to be exposed to Hank.

He has the run of the house, and has already learned to jump onto the table. We will discourage this. He is now sleeping on my bed. This will be allowed, provided he does not take his half out of the middle.

By the end of the week, I plan to let him discover the doggy door and the way out. He seems content here with no real motivation to move on.
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That sounds promising and I am so glad that she keeps in touch with you!

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I am so excited! Caruso's adoption is a success! The following is the e-mail from Caruso's new mom that just arrived by e-mail:

Looks like the big guy intends to stay here. He and Hank mostly ignore each other, but sometimes Caruso initiates a closer approach. Hank still isn't buying it, but there is only minor hostility, which I suspect is just for show.

He has not yet discovered the doggy door. I hesitate to teach him to go out until he knows how to come in, so I have put him through the door coming in. Apparently this has little motivational effect, because he doesn't seem to interested in the flap.Perhaps when he and Hank trust each other more, Hank will show him the way out. (This will be a big improvement over the litter box.)

Caruso is a very comforting cat. It's good to have him around.
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YAY!! Good for Caruso!
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Oh Renae, I'm so, so, so, so happy for Caruso!!!!!!!! This is so great! I think of all of our gang, only one would actually be interested in going outside if given the choice. I know ferals are often a problem re: "escaping" - but I think some of them know a good thing when they find it and are happy and content with their new indoor kingdoms.

You must be Soooooooo happy!!!!!!!

My biggest regret with adopting out Booger is that I only got one update from her new mom.... I wonder if I should contact Maine Coon Rescue and ask them go get an update for me? I think about her all the time....
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I don't blame you for wanting to know how Booger is doing. I was even having dreams about Caruso, so it would drive me crazy not knowing what is going on inhis life.

I just made a lunch date with Caruso's new mom. She seems like such a good animal person. I am looking forward to getting to know her.
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Laurie? I would be happy to go and visit her if you like?
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Oh Renae!!!! This is such wonderful news, I was very angry at the family that returned him but now he has a nice home, with a nice kitty- Hank, I'm very happy for you!

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