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A forever home for Caruso!

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Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us. It looks like we might have found a home for Caruso, our wonderful 20 pound boy.

A woman who worked with me in producing the television ad for our new PetSafe program (fostering animals of women escaping from domestic violence) lost her cat several months ago. She and her family are ready to adopt a new cat and they like the descriptions of Caruso.

I will bring Caruso to work next week to meet her and the family and we will see what happens from there.

Send all of your good luck thoughts our way!
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That is awesome! I am sending good vibes your way!
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Oh yes, my good thoughts and tons of positive vibes are with you. Caruso looks like a total sweety!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Good thoughts for your wunk-a-chunk of a feral to get a great furrever home!!!
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He is sooo beautiful! She will love him!
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Good luck! He looks like a big lover boy and I'm sure he will fit in with their family just fine.
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What exciting news!!!!

I've got my fingers crossed , and sending lots of prayers Caruso's way. He is a beauty, I'm sure they'll love him!!!!!
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The family will meet Caruso tomorrow afternoon. So tomorrow is Take Your Cat to Work Day!

Keep those fingers crossed and the good luck vibes coming my way.
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Whta a handsome boy Caruso is (LOVE the name)!!!

I do hope and pray he finds his true home with these new people.
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Caruso is in my office, sitting on my desk in front of the monitor 87999999999999999999 oops, and stepping on the keyboard.0o I wish I could have a kitty in my office every day!

Caruso's potential new mom will pick up her daughters from school around 3:00 (central time) this afternoon and bring them over to meet him. I am so excited!
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Renae, any news on Caruso?

Oh, and tell him Hello back! I'm pretty sure that's what he was trying to say when he interrupted your post with his own. And of course, he gets a hug too, since it is Hug Your Cat Day!
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They loved Caruso! They wanted to take him home yesterday, but mom needs to make sure dad is really okay with Caruso joining the family. Mom will let me know whether the adoption will go through this afternoon. If so, I will bring him to his new home on Monday because they are going out of town this weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed.
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Well.....the father didn't seem very happy about the thought of adopting a new cat. But, he is willing to give it a try. So I will bring Caruso to their house on Monday morning and give it a trial run. Caruso is so wonderful that I can't imagine the dad not falling in love with him immediately. But, I am a little nervous about the whole thing.
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As long as they know that if it doesn't work out they must return Caruso to you.....

I've found that animals have a good sense of who they need to win over. When my sister brought home a puppy that my Dad was not happy about, Felicia took her first opportunity to curl up and lay her little head across Dad's neck. He was a goner after that, and they were best friends for the rest of Felicia's life. He didn't speak to my sister for a month, but that's a different story. LOL
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I'm hoping for the very best for Caruso! I'm sure Heidi is right and Caruso will have his work cut out for him, but he'll win the heart of that man (my fingers are crossed for all involved). I know that my Grandfather doesn't really care for cats (at least he acts like it) and wouldn't you know, everytime he would go to one of our homes that had cats in it, they'd go right to him. Yep, Heidi is right on the money with that - the little cuties seem to have a sixth sense about who to work on.

Good Vibes headed Caruso's way!
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I dropped off Caruso at his new home this morning. I am soooo nervous about this. They are a sweet family and they have a great house...but they also have a leather couch and loveseat! Oh no! Ooooh I hope and pray that Caruso doesn't scratch the leather.

I can't believe how worried I am about him going to a new home. I miss him already.
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The dad threw a fit when Caruso scratched the rug this morning. When I asked whether they had brought home a scratching pad for him, the mom said no. Well...what do they expect...they had absolutely nothing that was okay for him to scratch!

It burns me up because I had given her the Humane Society paper on introducing a new cat to your home. It has all the basic information you need for a successful adoption, including the importance of scratching pads & posts.

Sigh. I am so sad.

On the good side, Caruso is sitting in my lap right now, in my office. I always love having a cat at work with me.
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Goodness, what did they expect? They should have been prepared for him. Did they even have a litter box? I just don't understand people. If your going to adopt an animal, you have to plan for that animal.

I get upset with my boss who has a golden retreiver that will be a year old in June. He complains all the time because she is such an active dog. If he would have bothered to do his homework, he would have found out that goldens need a lot of interaction and exercise.

You would think it would be common sense that cats scratch things and if you don't provide it with an outlet for scratching, it will scratch your things. Sorry, just venting.
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awwww that is ashame!!! he is such a cute kitty!
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Oh, Renae I'm so sorry! The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. What do you expect from a cat? That's like asking a dog to never bark or a fish not to swim.
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The guy was upset that he scratched the RUG?! Personally, I haven't met a rug that couldn't handle a little cat scratching! Plus, I love my cats more than any rug or leather sofa. Go figure!
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Thanks for your support everyone. I was so sad when I had to bring Caruso home. But I would rather have him here where he is loved than in a home where the father is determined to hate him. It still burns me up that they didn't get him a scratching pad, but perhaps they really didn't want it to succeed.
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I know the frustration of providing people with brochures, manuals, whatever, and then having them not read them. I put like four different things together - I printed out the Litterbox article from TCS, wrote something called "bringing outside cats in," etc., and people just expect cats to be like dogs. It is SO ANNOYING!!!!!

Sorry all the finger crossing and prayers didn't work.

But I'm glad Caruso is where he's loved.
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I got a call from someone who saw Caruso's picture and description on our local Humane Society web page. She loves orange cats and likes the fact that Caruso is so huge. She has two collies and another approximately 2 year old cat. She lives on 6 acres and has lots of porches and other places that would be great for a cat.

Caruso has learned to get along with the other ferals in my yard (though he used to chase them all away) and even cuddles with Buddy while they nap, so I am hoping he will get along with the resident cat and dogs.

But, I am absolutely nauseated with fear that it won't work. The last try at adoption was such a disaster. At least this lady knows how to live with animals.

Please send all of your positive vibes my way. She will pick him up tomorrow (Friday) morning.

I am so scared.
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Oh Renae! I'm hoping everything works out and Caruso gets a fantastic forever home! Has the lady ever worked with feral cats before?
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This sounds much more hopeful than the other situation. She already has one cat. Sending good vibes for this adoption. Good job!
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I'm sitting in my office crying right now. The lady just picked up Caruso. My heart is breaking due to missing him already and fear that it will fail again.

Please send even more good luck vibes Caruso's way.
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I'll be thinking of him this weekend, Renae. Poor you! He's such a great kitty, and I'm sure you'll miss him a lot, but I hope for his sake that he doesn't come back to you so he can be happy in his very own forever home! I'm sure you'll miss him no matter how fantastic his new home is.
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I set the cat carrier down when I brought Caruso home, and he and Hank (resident cat, who prefers to be addressed as The Great Cat of Ra) sniffed through the bars. Both wary, but neither seemed terribly bothered.

I moved Caruso into the back bedroom, where he promptly hid under the bed and the skirt of a bedside table. However, he did come out when called, and was more than happy to climb into my lap.

He is using the litter box, but isn't eating well yet. On the other hand, he is so fat that this is a good thing. Truly a cat of operatic proportions. How did he get so heavy as an outdoors cat? Do cats have thyroid problems?

When Hank goes out to play, I let Caruso wander around the house. He and Bann (the crippled dog) looked at each other from about 2-3 feet. Neither one wanted to be any closer. I think they will learn to ignore each other. At first, Caruso seemed wary about being in the house, but not unduly fearful. Now he cruises and explores.

The doggy door is accessible from my bedroom, I have kept Bann and Hank in my room over night to give Caruso an opportunity not only to get used to Hank's scent, but also to leave his scent on the house. Last night, Caruso sat outside the door and meowed to get in. Then he picked the rug loose. I assume this means he wants to stay here.

Hank seems pretty underwhelmed about the new roomie. Maybe he has decided that this one won't be as much fun as Jeffrey.

Are they ready to meet yet? Hank has been very laid back about "strange cat in house". I brushed quite a bit of undercoat out of Caruso and left it around. Hank seemed totally uninterested.

A friend has recommended a drop or two of Rescue Remedy for each cat before the Great Introduction. Fortunately, I have a supply.
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Caruso's new mom sounds like she is going to be a good mother to Caruso!
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