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I work a full time job Mon-Fri doing account payables...BORING...I believe my true calling is being with animals so I'd really like to volunteer somewhere, maybe a shelter or I dunno somewhere the babies need love & attention...does anyone have any ideas on where to start looking or how to go about finding somewhere to volunteer? Do shelters, vets even do things like this (accept volunteers)? I'd like to just buy a house & fill it with animals but since I do not have that kind of money I will have to settle for helping out where I can! I'm pretty sure it will be heartbreaking though since I'll want to bring all the animals home, but as long as I am of use I will be grateful...
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I was asked to volunteer for a local group that does cat rescues on a small scale. You could check for animal agencies in your area. I'm sure a lot of them would love help. And bless you for wanting to help..
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Our local humane society uses volunteers. There are some local rescues with kennels in the large chain pet stores, and they use volunteers too.
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Be prepared for two things - the staff at some shelters have seen such bad things, they might treat potential volunteers rudely. I was stunned when that happened to me. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you.

I have since started fostering for a no-kill shelter and love it! Yet, I took my last litter up yesterday - they were big enough to be adopted - and I was treated quite rudely. Turns out, the young woman treating me badly thought I was dropping off a litter on my own. Didn't realize I was a foster! I hope she learned her lesson but sadly, she sees bad things all the time and has an attitude.

Second, you, too will see bad things. People are so mean to animals, it can break your heart. But hang in there - because you know you are making a difference. Good luck - keep us posted!
post #5 of 14 Put in your zipcode to find local shelters. Call or e-mail for more info on volunteering.
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I want to do it also but am afraid I would bring germs home.
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Most shelters have volunteers but vets tend not to as they have insurance issues as animals get so stressed at the vets.
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germs, like what do you mean, if the cats are sick or something? I'm very uninformed in case you haven't noticed, lol...will my cats get sick?
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There are a few vets in my area who accept volunteers, insurance issues or not. I would still make some calls & ask around and find out who is looking for volunteers and who is not.

Shelters & rescue groups are almost always looking for volunteers. Make some calls!

I always thought I would bring home every single animal that crossed my path, too, but you do grow a bit of a tough shell as you work with animals, and honestly, you kind of HAVE TO. There are some very bad things that happen in the big mean world, you will have to prepare yourself for the hard realities out there, and do your best to deal with each situation as it happens. If you really think you need to bring an animal home, go for it, if you have the money & time & love to give, then DO. But if you are doubtful, then wait & think on it, and in the end, you will make the right decision for the animal. You have to trust your instincts & your heart.
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Yea I am afraid I will bring germs from sick cats into my house.
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Originally Posted by yourbriness763 View Post
germs, like what do you mean, if the cats are sick or something? I'm very uninformed in case you haven't noticed, lol...will my cats get sick?
It depends on the vet or shelter. Some shelters only bring over healthy animals and board sick ones at the vet, others have all of the animals at the shelter.

I am sure that wherever you volunteer, they will make you aware of any problems and issues.

The most usual one in shelters is upper respiratory infection which is a cat cold. Cats can get quite sick from it if they are not healthy and stressed but despite working around them at the shelter, mine have never got it. I just change out of my shelter clothes when I get home.
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Originally Posted by yourbriness763 View Post
germs, like what do you mean, if the cats are sick or something? I'm very uninformed in case you haven't noticed, lol...will my cats get sick?
Not necessarily, just use sanitizers, wash your hands. If you ever get bodily fluids on your clothing while volunteering, and you are worried about infecting your own animals, then change clothes before you leave for home, and wash the soiled garments when you get home later.

Think about what vets must do, leaving the office after a long's day work, they must be covered in germs, LOL, they would simply wash themselves and their clothing before contacting their own animals - otherwise every vet would always have a household full of sick & unhealthy animals.
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ok that makes sense...I will start doing my research & hopefully I make some headway! The only thing I am concerned about is buliding that "tough shell" I am a big softie when it comes to animals I can't even watch movies where animals get hurt or die because it makes me cringe but I'm still going to try it out & see what good I can do for the little creatures of our world :_)
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There is always the risk of bringing something home to your pets. Which is why mine are kept UTD on shots. I wash my clothes the moment I get home (not just put in the laundry - but straight into the washer). My shoes are left outside. And I wash my hands/arms - wherever I was in contact with the shelter animals.

Then again - I've met a ton of people who visited a family friend & brought distemper home on their shoes & killed their kitten. You can pick up "germs" anywhere.
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