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Kitten Claws

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Was wondering something.
I've noticed with little Isis that she will often take out her claws and retract them over and over and move her paws at the same time almost like she's knitting an imaginary sweater. My roommate believes this is because she's just not used to her claws. Is this so? And when do kittens get used to their claws? I never really noticed either of my cats going through this phase, but we got them a little older then Isis.
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I think you said in another post that little Isis is only 9 weeks old? It's my understanding that kittens are supposed to be with their mums until they're 12 weeks (I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I'm just trying to provide an explanation) and kitties who are taken earlier tend to "knead" (kinda like the behavior you described). My Socks was taken from her mum at 10 weeks (we didn't know ) and still tends to "knead" when she's around something fuzzy, like carpet or a blanket.

I don't know if it has anything to do with not being used to their claws. I think it's more of a comfort thing...when they were with mum, they knead and they feel warm and happy. I think she's just going for the same thing when she does this now.
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Isis is getting comfort when she kneads. Not all of my cats do this, but the ones that do were taken from their mothers to early.
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Only one of my kitties was taken from mom too young, (she was a ferel kitten) the rest were 12 weeks and older. ALL of my kitties love to knead my comforters. The ferel rescue also suckles while she kneads. I think they are just putting thier scent in their comfort zone. Its marking without MARKING!
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Kittens knead when they nurse, and in my experience the younger the kitten when taken from their mother the more they knead. Daphne and Josie still knead when we cuddle and they are 4 years old now. I got them when they were about a week old (their mother had been hit by a car) -- so I guess they think I'm mom.

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I have an older cat, (Robin who is 7) and she does the kneading thing on my bed often. Was she taken from her mother too ? Or does she just like the feel of my bed spread ?
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Maybe she just feels real safe, warm and secure with our bed spread.

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My roommate pre-ordered Isis before she was born from a Mau breeder so we never questioned the quickness of when Isis was sent to us. We assumed she knew what she was doing. I thought that it was nine weeks that they were okay to be seperated. Bah. Should of thought something was amiss reflecting on Niko and Mischeif when we got them at twelve weeks.
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