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oh god, i cant even choose a favourite, they are all so hilarius
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I agree with Mr. Cat! And if I had a picture of my butt..I would post it!!!!!! :laughing:

Bring it on Cleo!

(but thank you for the warning Hissy)...we don't want anyone to get into trouble here.
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Okay, I sent Mr. Mark Parisi...our cartoonist buddy (I hope) an e-mail requesting his permission to post his work here on our unassuming lil' 'ol Kitty Site. Hopefully he's a nice guy and will grant permission, and isn't obtuse or litigious or any other $20.00 words
Heres hoping,
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Cleo, as a gesture of good will (in case that guy shows up and looks around) I've deleted my previous post — the one with the big words.

Debby, that was a picture of your butt! Not many people know about your wild and crazy "other" life.


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HAHAHAHA Mr. Cat!!! But remember....you were supposed to keep that a secret!!
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