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pools in the garden, and my cats first dip!

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as you may have read now, i adopted my cat after only taking her in temprarily for a friend, it was only after her original owner coudlt take her back in that i was pleased to hear i could keep her for good.

after a few weeks of keeping her in the house i bit the bullet and let her out the back door and nervously i sat on the doorstep watching her explore my garden, after about half an hour she came back in and i shut the door, the next day the same, only i left her to it for an hour while i popped out, and i was relieved to see she hadnt run away! so the next day i let her out in the morning while i went out for a couple of hours.....

however when i got back this time she came running to see me, how sweet i thought, until she got close and i saw she was soaked to the bone and covered in algae! i went up to the top of my garden to see wet paw preint all around the pools at the top of my garden (i also keep japanese koi in a 16000 gallon set of pools) i think she had seen the two end pools, but mistook the centre one, which is covered in a thick blanket of green weed and algae, for just more grass!

oh dear, poor little girl, so i grabbed her and a bath towel and dried her off, and i have to admit i did get a little gooey eyed when i saw her all wet and scrawny wrapped up in the towel, what a cutey! did i mention how much i love her? lol

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awww bless her heart

stunning lil kitty
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why thank you, im very proud of her! she is a right cutey thats for sure!
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Glad she was able to get herself OUT of the water. Maybe don't leave her outside unattended for a while.
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she has been fine since, think she learned her lesson! that was almost a year ago now.
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It is amazing how many people don't realize that cats can, indeed, swim.

If she found it an unpleasant experience, unless she is terminally stupid (not uncommon with cats), she'll avoid the pond. If she found that she liked it, however, no power on heaven or earth will keep her away.
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i have heard they can swim well, but just dont like water, if i had another cat i would pobably take them to it and splash the water to show them it cant be walked on, despite how that one looks!

i find cats are quite inteligent really? in comparison to a dog anyway. a dog will do somthing stupid and when its owner laughs do it again, i find cats DO NOT like being laughed at! now would they play up to a crowd lol
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