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I have been on TCS a year now!

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And boy it has been so much fun! I joined this forum in January last year and introduced myself and my three kitties, and you all accepted me as part of the family....Thank you guys sooooo much!

I have read about members highs and lows this past year, and I have been hooked since day one Even sharing my own stories on here and getting awesome feedback has made spending time on TCS so worthwhile.

So once again, a big THANK YOU for such a wonderful site, and I am glad to be part of it
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me too! i joined last january and instantly felt so welcomed. this truly is a wonderful place!
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I have been on many forums, and this is absolutely the best! I've gotten such great advice, vented my problems (which my hubby is happy about because HE heard them enough! ) and made so many good friends. This isn't just a forum, it's a family. Congrats on your first year!
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Congratulations on a years membership

It will be my big six years this year but not all active
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And thank YOU for being here!
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Oh my!......
Congratulations for a wonderful year your´s!...
this deserves a dance in your honour!.....

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