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kitten sick after spaying?

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This is my first time ever having kittens. We rescued 2 kittens and had them spayed on Tuesday. Starting the next day one of them has been coughing/sneezing. My husband thinks she is trying to get up a hairball but nothing has come up for 3 days. She is still eating and drinking and playing. No mucous or runny eyes either.

Sould I treat her for hairballs or perhaps mix some lysine into her food? If the lysine, am I just using the kind bought in the health food store/drug store??

Help !! :-)
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There is every possibility she picked up an upper respiratory infection at the vet's office. Not uncommon. If the coughing doesn't stop by Monday, I'd ring the vet and check with him.

A second possibility is that her windpipe got irritated by the anesthesia/oxygen equipment. That, too, should stop after a couple of days.
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I vote for vet on Moday if not better too......Hairballs come up through the tummy, not the lung plus as young as they are I don't think hairballs will be a problem yet. Mine are almost 1 year now and I have yet to see hairballs, and they clean each other plus eat hair they find on the floor. From what I have found, with my old cat, the older the cat the more hairball problems we had. Best of luck with your new kids!!
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Sounds like she caught a Uri.
My Cleo got one when she was shipped here.
My Vet also told me Cleo might have been nicked when she was fixed because she still has a cough.
They told me it can last for 2 months after.
Its been a month with her and she had clavamox.
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she got better! I gave her 250 mg of lysine a day and the cough/sneezing went away!
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I am glad she is better.
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