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Question of the day Jan 3rd.

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My question today pertains to exercise:

How do you prefer to exercise, by yourself or at a gym.

I am a solitary exerciser, my favorite exercise is walking, which I try to do 3-5 times a week for at least an hour. I live very close to a fitness trail that is open both winter and summer so that gives me a great area to walk in. I have to admit though it is a bit more of a challenge to motivated in the winter.
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We had a membership at a gym for a year or so. But the time we could go, was the peak time, and we could never find a parking space. People were making their own; parking on the grass, parking along the side, etc. We canceled it, and I bought my own elliptical machine. I love working out at home. I can put the TV on the computer and watch something that I want to watch. At the gym, you had to watch what was on their TVs. I also can work out whenever I want, without leaving the apartment.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
I am a solitary exerciser, my favorite exercise is walking,
...same feelings here....
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Exercise??? What's that??

I do mine at work without putting much thought into it I guess, running up and down the stairs and corridors during the mad morning rush to get Residents out of bed and answering emergency bells

So does that count too?
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A little of both. I have a treadmill at home, and I walk on it while I watch TV (usually the hockey game.) I also have a membership to the fitness center at work. I just go there when I get done at work (unless I'm on call.) Parking is no problem, because I get to work at 6:15 am The gym is usually not very busy at 5pm, because everyone else seems to want to do their exercising before work.
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We had an 18 month gym membership back in 2006 (pay for 1 year, get 6 mos free). We used the membership all of 6 months. Between working a lot and never being able to find space on equipment (always managed to go at peak times since everyone else was getting off work and going too), we stopped. Now we're both trying to get back into shape and Rob wants to lose some weight this year. We most likely are going to exercise at home. Plop an elliptical or treadmill in front of the TV instead of sitting on the couch Get into the habit of walking. So I'm gonna have to go with by myself instead of at a gym!
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I enjoy both. I prefer doing aerobics with a live teacher; it motivates me more than a video does. But I like walking by myself outdoors.
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I can't stand feeling like I'm being watched when I work out; so I prefer to do it alone. When I was in High School and College I went somewhat regularly to the gym and I think that's pretty much where I started feeling like that. I've never been traditionally athletically talented, I have trouble just not falling off the elliptical, so even growing up I hated gym class. Yep, I was the kid who always got picked last; and for good reason, but I still didn't like it.
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Originally Posted by tierre0
I am a solitary exerciser, my favorite exercise is walking,

...same feelings here....
DITTO! Paying for a gym membership would be like throwing money away.
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I'm a former dancer, so my favorite kind of exercise is anything that feels like dancing. I like Jazzercise classes, but if I can't manage to make one, I like to do a dance-type exercise video at home.
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I like to walk. I usally walk my kids to school, the school is a half mile away so I walk a mile when I walk with them.
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I generally go to the gym. We've got a health club at work I can use for free, and I find that going right after work fits my schedule well. Once I'm in my car driving home, I usually start feeling lazy and ready for dinner, so it's better to work out before I leave. It's not the greatest gym, but I like the environment. We've got mostly scientists and engineers where I work, so we don't really have the 'meathead' crowd you find at a lot of gyms. In fact, if you're not wearing black socks while you're working out, you probably count as stylish there.

That said, I wouldn't mind having something like an elliptical in my apartment. Unfortunately, I don't really have room. I could probably find a corner in my bedroom for it, but I don't think I would use it much unless it was in front of the TV.
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post
DITTO! Paying for a gym membership would be like throwing money away.
Same thing here...
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I was going to Curves and Butterfly Life but cancelled them.
I use my Wii to exercise.
I also sued to go Mall Walking.
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i prefer being by myself, and i use the wii for a good workout
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I actually like going to gym because they have equipment I can't afford to even think about getting. It's still solitary if I go by myself, because i go to exercise and not socialize. The problem is finding the time to actually go.
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I prefer walking and biking, either with my dog Chevy, Kieran or myself!
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Years ago I belonged to a gym that was about one block from where I worked. I would go to a couple classes after work, sometimes before or during lunch. When the office moved it just wasn't that handy. I joined a different gym and went for a while but it was larger and i really didn't like it as well.

I have a rather expensive treadmill that gets used but not enough.
I don't mind walking outside but with the weather this winter that hasn't happened.
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