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Saturday!! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Nice sunny day here for a change and a balmy -17C. We had a ton of snow overnight but the day looks great so far.

Not a whole lot planned for today, guess some snow clean-up is in my future and maybe a walk afterwards.

Have to finish up my laundry today, and clean the bathroom (my least favorite job).

Most likely have an early dinner and watch a movie this evening.

The kitties are again watching the birds and squirrels which seems to be their favorite pass-time right now.

Everyone have a great day:wave:
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Well, I just woke up about 30 min ago. It was real nice sleeping in this morning!

Going to work out in a few, then I have to clean the apartment. Ever since Christmas, we've had no time to clean and everything is such a mess.

Other than that, not doing much.

Have a good day everyone!
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Good to everyone!...
Sitting on the office right now...... very exciting?...Isn´t?....
but at least can be here for a moment!...
go to mass today on afternoon and go to the mall on night...
Maybe tomorrow we will going to cinema to watch "The day when the earth stop"...
let see what happen!

have a nice weekend!
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taking my teenage niece shopping - she's home from college.

Then going out with my BF and friends to celebrate his birthday!
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mid-30's and a chance of snow today... I'd like to just stay home and get stuff done, so we'll see..

cleaning, sewing, etc...

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Good Morning All!!

Today all we have planned is relaxing. My babies are still sick with this horrible cold that is going around. My hubby is makig breakfast for all of us right now. He's our chef in the family and even at church they all know of his cooking, lol.

Today is very dreary, but I dont mind. Its 49 degrees out, very foggy with a 40 percent of thunderstorms here in GA. I love the thunderstorms here!
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Its supposed to get up to around 70* today, but we'll see if that happens. It's still kind of windy and chilly. I rode with Rob to work this morning, then went to pick up some cat food for the kitties. The Petsmart by us was sold out yesterday, so I stopped at the new one by my job and got some. Then I had the urge to get an adorable dwarf hamster, but restrained myself

Stopped at our storage unit and dropped off the towels for our guest bathroom, an over the sink colander, 6 sided cheese grater, and napkin holder I got yesterday for the house. Now I'm back at the in-laws, debating on whether or not to start picking up our room and vacuuming (though I DO want to use our new Dyson again ) Then we may go out tonight with a friend of ours, depending on if he calls. If not, it's date night I'm thinking of picking up some takeout and watching a movie instead of going out somewhere tonight since we went out on Thursday.
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We spent most of the day going through old boxes of letters to and from my Dad. We did go out for a late lunch, which was nice. I also took down most of our Christmas decorations (sigh), though we're leaving our tree up until the sixth. That was our exciting day. .
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It's afternoon on Sunday here now and I'm just relaxing on TCS.

I got up at about 10AM and fed my kitties, did some washing, did litter trays.

We've just had lunch and I need to go out at some stage and buy cat food, kitty litter and toilet paper. Also I just bought four tyres for my car online.

I also start work at 5pm till 11.30PM.

Have a good day folks!
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