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Thanks from a newbie

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My thanks to all who replied to my introduction, unfortunately Amber (the little feral cat) her condition has worsened and I will have to try to get a tranquiliser into her tonight to enable me to treat the wounds she has inflicted on herself it should also allow me to get her to the vet tomorrow for further treatment. I tried to give her a tablet crushed in her food this morning but she wouldn't eat it hopefully she will be hungry enough tonight. I was going to attach photos of my other four cats but it didn't seem to work, maybe someone will be good enough to tell me how, if I get good enough I will even post some photos of my dogs, so long as they don't scare off any of the kitties.
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Just wanted to say 'welcome' although it seems I am a bit late. I must have missed your first posts.
I hope Amber is able to recover. Good luck with her.
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Welcome! I hope Amber is okay!
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Hi. Hope Amber gets better.

As for dogs - go ahead and post. Everyone here is more than familiar with Ike, my Dalmatian and Pearl, my brown dog. Check out Bella, the Great Dane, too.

Rowdy, my tortoiseshell, thinks that dogs interactive cat toys. Opie and Buddy are not favorably impressed by dogs but, they tolerate them.
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