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I just went and checked on him and he has done a poo, firm not runny which is good right? He seems to have perked up again now so im happy
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When I first brought my herpes foster cat home, she was in the midst of a flare-up. The cat rescue had said to keep them in separate rooms until the cold clears up and then it'll be safe to introduce my cat to the foster. Well, when I found out it was "herpes", I basically freaked out and contacted a few vets and asked for their opinion.

I know it's just like a cold and usually isn't a big deal since so many cats are carriers already, but I couldn't help it - I didn't like the idea of my cat getting herpes and then me having to deal with it every time he feels stressed.

I was then told that the herpes virus is very contagious, even airborne, and chances were, if my cat was going to catch it (this was 6 days later), he probably would've already had it. He didn't display any symptoms. I stopped being so paranoid after that.

On day 10, the foster came out of quarantine after her cold cleared up with L-Lysine supplementation 2x daily and they were together for one month before she got adopted earlier this week. I wish I didn't spend so much time and energy worrying about it at first because my cat didn't catch it and he's completely fine.

My foster was small, maybe even a tad bit smaller than 4 lbs, and the dosage prescribed to her was 250 mg twice a day (total 500 mg daily). When her cold went away, I kept the maintenance dose at 100 mg twice daily (total 200 mg daily). Basically, I slowly decreased the amount every Sunday until I found out what the minimum dosage was before the runny nose, eyes, sneezing, etc., would start again. Mainly because I always want to take a safe and careful approach to pet care and more is not always better, especially with supplements. I know that Lysine is an amino acid and not supposed to be harmful, but I still wanted to take a more "natural" stance.
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firm poop is what you want
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The metacam was probably what was making him droopy and it was probably given to help him not scratch his eye from any pain he might be having with that. Glad to hear he's perked up some. You'll know he's feeling better when he starts cleaning himself, eating better, and acting more like his normal self. I forgot, is he having any congestion? If so, you'll want to run a vaporizer or take him into the bathroom with you while you're showering to enjoy a little steam spa. The steam helps the mucous break up which helps him breathe better.

We gave my older cat ONE dose of Metacam a couple of years ago when she first started showing symptoms of arthritis (confirmed by x-rays). I'm pretty sure that's what's caused her kidney issues, but it can't be confirmed. She's not in CRF yet, but she's getting there. I have it in her chart to NEVER give her Metacam unless I specifically give the okay, not my husband, but ME. And I'd only approve it as the very, very, very last resort. Even then, it's iffy.
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He is a bit congested so I'll make sure I bring him in the bathroom this morning. He seems like he's back to his normal self now...he went crazy doing what I like to call "zoomies" all over the bedroom for over an hour which is longer than normal!
Im so annoyed a vet would prescribe Metacam and not even make me aware of the possible side effects. I guess Im just lucky I read the pamphlet that came with it which states renal failure can be a side effect
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