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How to tell who your friends are

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About 10:30 PM a week ago, I made a call to my friend/neighbor Susan that went something like this:

Me: Hi, are you still up?
Susan: Yes.
Me: Do you think you could come over for a bit? I need a hand with Thufir [my cat].
Susan: Ummm, OK. What is it?
Me (being a little evasive): Well, better that I show you. It's hard to describe.
Susan: Should I bring anything?
Me: Well, latex gloves would be nice.
Susan: {pauses for about 5 seconds, then --} Umm, OK. I'll be over in a minute.

Just before I decided to call Susan, I had returned home from spending the day with my parents, my cousin, and my aunt. When I came home I noticed that Thufir had a huge clump of poop stuck to his backside. He's a longhair kitty, he had apparently had diarrhea that day, and it had stuck to his fur and formed a solid mass. When Susan arrived, I lifted Thufir's tail and she said, "My god, that's huge! You hold onto him and I'll cut it out." She then proceeded to spend 10 minutes with scissors and a washcloth getting rid of the mess. By the time she was finished, my kitty had a nicely trimmed and very clean bottom.

Susan was willing to come over and perform a very unsavory task that, admittedly, even I was a bit reluctant to perform because a) she likes me and/or b) she likes my kitties. Honestly, I'm not sure there's much of a difference between a) and b) since I LOVE my kitties. I suspect that a lot of 'friends' would have taken one look at Thufir's backside and then found a million reasons they didn't have time to help out. There's no doubt I'll owe her one (or dozens) for her help, but it's so amazing to find a person who's willing to help out like that.
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She is a TRUE friend indeed!
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Hold onto that friendship, for sure.

I met my dearest and truest friend in Mississippi and, 'though I moved to Massachusetts over seven years ago, we are still the best of friends. She had no use for animals until she met me and now she has a cat of her own. And my Yorkie adored her and spent as much time at her house as she did mine.
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That's friendship!
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That's what i would call a real friend
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LOL, I like how you told the story, too, very funny.
A very good friend indeed!
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Awwww.....that's great!

What I like is, she didn't even ask over the phone what it was! She just said "yes"!
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Susan is definitely a keeper
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Something to think about. Seems I sometimes think people are my friends who really aren't. Maybe I should start employing this tactic?
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How nice. I could use a freind like that when it happens to Binks. I end up chasing her around with a wash cloth. i get 2 wipes in and off she goes.
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