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I just found out that Muskrat (my outdoor kitty that adopted me) lost her left fang. It looks like it happened within the last few days because it's not bleeding and when I rub on her gum line she is not in pain, but the spot looks a little swollen. I'm a bit concerned because I'm not sure how it happened. Muskrat's pretty much an outside cat because she can't get along with my other 2 indoor kitties. I can't adopt her completely because of that reason, but at the same time I care just as much for her. I bring her inside (in the bathroom) when it's really cold and raining outside- though she hates it. I feed her good and she's got a warm bed by my front deck to sleep in... but I still worry about her constantly because I live in a pretty big apartment complex. She's scared of most people. Anyhow, I kind of want to take her to my vet(who spayed her), but she's pretty fiesty and I doubt she'll let the vet examine her mouth without the vet being scratched and hissed at. The gum line where the fang was at does look a bit red. I don't know what can I use at home to make sure it's not infected. She seem to be ok, no fever and is eating well.

Any suggestions at what I can do at home for her would be greatly appreciated! I have a (expired 4 months) new box of Amoxicillin that I was thinking of giving her, but not sure if it's a good idea. Whenever my other kitties go to the vet for things, he always give antibiotics... so, that's why I still have some. Are there any topical gel antibiotic ointments for cats' use I can buy? Thanks!