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Poor dog!

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OMG! I'm so upset!!

I was at the mall this morning doing some shopping and then I was going to bed. I had stayed up all night while hubby was at work.

So we did our shopping and as we leave the mall we see this lady with four young kids in tow walk up to her dog that had been tied outside. The dog is so excited to see her and is jumping around, she tells him to sit over and over again so he does and then he doesn't and then he does but won't stay still. I'm passing this scene and keep going and then I hear a loud yelp of pain from the dog and I turn around and she's twisting and yanking on the dogs ear!!! I yelled "Hey! Is that really necessary?!" and perhaps she didn't hear me but we kept walking and suddenly 10 feet away I burst into tears and I can't control myself no matter how Darrell tries. We walk to the truck and he asks me if I want to go back and talk to her. I said "no" it was none of our business but when we got to the truck I said "yes dammit" I don't want her getting away so easily, but I'm in no shape to confront someone so Darrell walks over to her and I see her and him talking. Then Darrell returns and he says this is what was said:

Darrell: "Do you think that feels good when you do that to your dog?
Lady: "excuse me?
Darrell: "that's animal abuse what you've done to your dog, and don't you think there's a better way of handling your dog?
Lady: "well I have to protect my children from him jumping on the children."
Darrell: "well maybe you shouldn't have such a big dog or maybe think about getting some training for your dog. You know I could take your dog away from you right now for animal abuse. (for scare value)
Lady: "well I have to protect my children from the dog, they're my main concern. I don't want my dog jumping up and scratching their eyes out.
Darrell: "well maybe you should get some training for your dog so it won't jump up on your kids or get a smaller dog
Lady: "Well then take the dog then.
Darrell: "Do you do that to your kids when they get out of line? Do you twist their ears?
Lady: "Well my kids are my main concern, my dog is not"
Darrell: "Well I hope you think about what you've done and I hope someone takes your dog away from you sometime.

So then we went home and I'm just calming down now. I've never lost control like that in public before! I scared myself, but I guess I was over-tired. I had a big day yesterday and I stayed up all night. Then we took a load to the dump and then went to the mall and that happened. I think he did the right thing, perhaps it will make her think twice next time...

Do you think he did the right thing??
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Of course he did!!! Congrats to the two of you. Unfortunately it sounds like this lady has her mind made up and won't change. But sometimes you have to "smack people with a smart stick" to get them to realize what they are doing is wrong.

Why the heck would you have a dog that could be big enough if you're afraid it will scratch out your kids eyes? Geesh. People like that just need a clue.
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Yes, he did the right thing! The poor dog! That lady does'nt deserve to have a dog if she's doing that!
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Yes he did the right thing, but unfortunately that woman needs to get herself trained. I probably would have gotten mad enough to take the dog, but that's just me and my bad temper.

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Yeah, I definetly think he did the right thing! Though I doubt this women seems to care. Personally after this, I would have followed up with a call to the local Humane Society and or Police to report this abuse. Even though it was just a twist on the ear (which I'm sure is painfull) it IS abuse, and lord knows what she had done to this poor dog at the times you haven't been looking.

People are lucky, I haven't seen anyone abuse their dog in front of me in recent years (though I have seen neglect). But I have yelled at a few people who let their dogs off leash in states where you HAVE to have them leashed. There's a lot of people here who let their dogs off leash, we live right next to a major road with a lot of fast moving traffic.
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Angle -- What part of Maryland are you in, just so I have a general idea of what type of area you are in. I live in the middle of North Baltimore city -- up toward Towson. Just curious.

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Jude: I'm out in Westminster, it's a kinda small town, the closest real city is B-more which is about 45 minutes south east of here. My town is the biggest one in this area though! (doesn't say much) ha ha.
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I've stopped people, who were hitting their dogs. When I lived in an apartment, I came home and saw a kid, hitting a puppy, with a board. I took the board and the puppy, away from him and walked him to his apartment and had a talk with his mother. She was nice about it.
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Angel -- Westminster is nice. I wish I could move to a small town like that. I'm tired of the big bad city. My Aunt was in a retirement home up there until she passed away.
My husband went to Mt ST Mary's in Emmitsburg so we go up that way at least once a year for his reunion.

Cindy -- I'm glad the brats mother was nice about it. Most of them will sue you for messing with their children. That's why the kids are so rotten. (for all parents -- I don't mean your kids, I'm sure you are teaching them right, because you are teaching them respect for living things -- I just mean kids in general.) (I tend to explain myself a lot, cos my big mouth gets me in trouble all the time.)

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Kat8le: Good on you! I wish everyone would do that, whom saw such things! It needs to be done, cause the dog can't stick up for himself, not unless of course he wants to be put to sleep for becoming known as a biter.

Judecat: I suppose Westminster is alright, a little TOO small for my taste, I used to live in NoVA, it's very nice there. However just about every person who lives in this town is SOOOOO rude like you would not believe, it's some strange phenominum! lol
We can't wait to move!
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Thanks guys, Darrell was really worried that he didn't do the right thing. When she said to take him, he reached for the dog and she looked at him with a concerned look. So I think it did hit somewhere.. hopefully.
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