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How would you define lethargic?

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Tonks has thrown up about 4 times today, and didnt eat dinner (yes, the vet is being called first thing in the AM) But i don't know if she is being "lethargic" She has been curled up sleeping most of the time since we got home at 6.... but thats not necessarily unusual for her.... When she was awke a few min ago, she showed no interest in her fav toys, or the new ones i pulled out.... idk if this is lethargic or just "my tummy hurts and im sleepy" or is there even a differance?
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lethargy is defined as being drowsy or sluggish. Some cats are just naturally a little more laid back than others and they wouldn't be running around all the time, but usually if it's showing no interest in things it usually does it's being lethargic, sometimes caused by an underlying condition.
Whatever's causing the vomiting could be what's making her lethargic. If you'd been throwing up all day you probably wouldn't be running around playing either. It's good that you're taking her to the vet, that way you can find out what's going on. Best wishes for your little one.
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Thanks! She went though something like this in November... but she was still running around and playing like a CRAZY KITTEN! Not this time, I'm so worried about her
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I understand. Hopefully it'll turn out to just be an upset tummy. Has she been drinking today?
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I havnt seen her, but I usually don't, my three only eat wet food, so they dont drink too much
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I hope she will be ok.
Do you have a vet you can call tonight if she gets worse?
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I have the # to the e-vet on the fridge, if she vomits again, they will be getting a call, I cannot be okay with 5 times since noon (when i left)
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That is to many times.
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5 times is certainly a lot. Have you ruled out anything she could have eaten? Maybe she got into a houseplant or the garbage?
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I don't think she got into anything, and kept down the dry iams kitten food I gave her last night (usually used as treats), she didn't eat breakfast this morning, but I called the vet and he had me giver her a little mineral oil to see if she's got a hairball. I will say She has pooped, but there is nothing there. She at least is acting much more peppy today!
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not to worry you but flash did the same and she had something trapped in her intestines, just the way you are describing it.

hoping and praying that it is nothing serious
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Yeah we're keeping a close eye on her, and if it happens again she is going in for xrays
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