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we have a cat who is over weight and will only pee on papers or any thing soft. she has had a great deal of trauma due to an attack. she had three blood transfusions and now. she wont clean her self and is to much to maintain. we have a little 1yo. we cant keep doing this she is only 4 yrs old it a lot to do for the rest of her life. we have been thinking of having her put to sleep. is their any other option that doesn't cost a fortune?
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Has the vet been consulted???

WHat kind of trauma
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Hey...I completely feel your pain. About a year ago, my cat urinated on everything after a tough experience. I took him to the VET and they ran all these test. I thought that I would have to put him down, for urinating on everything. After time passed, he stopped and doing just fine. I did look into several animal rescues. I found one in Las Vegas and another one in Utah.

Good luck.
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Identifying the problem and finding a solution would be the best. It is not uncommon. Secondly, she shouldn't be killed over it. It is either medical, behavioral, or both. Try purchasing a crate, and put a litter box in it with newspaper. Reward her when she goes in the litter box. Allow her out time of the crate, increasing it as she can improve in going to the bathroom in a more appropriate area. She already has been through alot and trauma. Part of the issue may be related to the trauma. She was fortunate to survive. I have a cat that has some behavioral issues with peeing around. But once I put her in the crate, she goes right in her litter box. Now she lets me know when she wants to go in to the crate and goes to the bathroom immediately. However, upkeep is equally important. If I am not around, she may still make a mistake. So every so many hours I try to put her in the crate so she can remember where she goes to pee.
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Is she declawed? Is her litter unscented? Does she have difficulty climbing into a box?
Her lack of cleaning herself could be a sign of either the trauma, or physical pain.
If you cannot devote enough time to her, then it's probably best for all to consider rehoming her or, as a last resort, putting her down. If she can't get over her problems, it is more merciful on all involved to allow her a peaceful passing - I know that is a controversial position, but I've seen the realities of life and there is much worse in life that can happen to a cat. That said, I do hope that you can resolve this issue in a more positive way - do you have any relatives or friends who could help out?
Sending healing prayers and vibes out to your kittycat
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Please try re-homing her or taking her to a no-kill shelter instead of putting her to sleep... She shouldn't die because of that...
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