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The Cat That Doesn't Meow

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tinker hardly ever makes a sound when she meows. In that other video she did but that's as loud as she ever gets and she was excited.

here's what she normally sounds lik
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Hmmm... some cats just don't have much of a meow. then again, there was a thread here a little while back about the "silent meow" and how that is quite an honor bestowed upon us humans by our feline friends.

OK - it was in the article section:

She must love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!
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yeah I saw that article. or one like it. but that's not what she's doing. she just doesn't make any noise. lol
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That is such a cute video! She is starring in her own silent video!

I've noticed my kittens do that a lot. Evie's a big talker though- nothing about her is silent!

And isn't Wilbur a big talker, too? Maybe she is just quiet because she is trying to out do her brother!
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Awwww.... sooooo cute Tinker bella....
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She's so GORGEOUS! I also gotta say I love American accents!
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That is pretty close to what Kizzy does.... the odd time he'll let out a "mew" (very small) but most of the time it is like Tinker, the mouth opens but no sound comes out I thought he was just quiet.

Interesting article.

Tink has such the cutest silent meow
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Tinker is very cute. At least she answers your every word. Blossom is pretty silent, she's getting a little louder. When she was a baby she had the loudest purr for a tiny baby. But now you can only feel the slight vibration on her chest.
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