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swheat scoop

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we switched to swheat scoop a few months ago because i was totally sick of the smelly, dusty clay litter. i am very happy with this litter because it is not dusty at all compared to clumping clay litter. but, it is not very good at masking the odor of frodo's urine. even if the litter is brand new and i am scooping out the very first pee it is still very strong smelling and burns my nose! the litter is scooped very regularly. i was wondering if anyone else uses this brand of litter and what you use to control odor. i was wondering if i could mix in some baking soda or something, or if that would even do anything to help!

i am open to any suggestions! well, except switching back to clay litter!

thanks in advance
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no one uses swheat scoop?

what could you use to help deodorize any type of litter then? baking soda mixed in? what do you think?

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I tried Swheat Scoop for a while... and had the exact same problem... as well as with WBCL... can't stand that stuff. I just started a new one this morning... it has a mint scent to it and is natural... my fellow volunteer at the shelter is using it and loves it... so she suggested it. I hate the dust from clay-based litters. I still have some clay based left over, so I mixed them in to switch them over... I'll see how they are and report back.

For odor control... baking soda might be good... I haven't done straight baking soda, but there's a litterbox odor control stuff from Arm & Hammer (I think) at Petsmart... I used to sprinkle that on. Maybe someone with more experience in using Swheat Scoop and WBCL might know more...

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You can try a little baking soda mixed in. Would you consider Feline Pine, Yesterday's New, Wood stove pellets or the Crystal litter?
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I use Yesterdays News.
Coco has asthma and she is ok with that litter.
We tried Sweat Scoop and Wbcl but my husband could not stand the stuff.
We went back to Yesterdays News.
We have tried Feline Pine also but the pine smell made me sick.
I have Asthma also.
It also made Coco sick.
Set her Asthma off also.
My sister likes the crystal stuff.
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I use it with World's Best Cat Litter. I put a layer of WB down, then Swheat Scoop on top. I haven't noticed any order problems with urine.
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thanks guys!

i have tried feline pine, the stuff that clumps, but blue would not use it. i think it could have been because i wasn't able to switch it over slowly, long story...

i use wood stove pellets for my ferrets and love the odor control, but i don't think that my cats would like the big pellets. also, they are extremely hard to find right now. the factory that supplies my area burned down recently and they are very rare now...

we used to use crystals but i don't like the dust from them either...

yesterday's news is probably the stinkiest stuff i have ever used!! i had to get some for the ferrets since i couldn't find the wood stove pellets the last time i looked and i really don't like the smell of wet newspaper. at least i found some bags of wood stove pellets the other day!

i tried to get wbcl but i can't get it at the store near me.

i thought that maybe i was the only one having the urine problem. at least i know it is not my kitty with super-strong smelly pee!

thank you all for the suggestions. maybe i will look for the clumping feline pine again since it is more of the texture of the swheat scoop than the pellets are. maybe i can mix both of them and see if that helps at all.

thanks again!
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I've never tried Swheat Scoop, and many of the people on this board who use natural litters use World's Best Cat Litter or chicken feed (corn options) or Feline Pine (wood options), so there is more WBCL & feline pine than swheat scoop advice available.

You seem to be looking for an alternative litter ... you might like Tidy Cat's Breeze. Here is a good long thread about it. It's just inert pellets, a grid, and urine pads on the bottom. I switched to it because of an asthmatic cat (and didn't try feline pine because pine can be a serious allergen). My mother has now switched as well, because she was so impressed with the Breeze when she visited me.
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thanks! i will have a look at that thread for sure!
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I've used Swheat Scoop as well as Feline Pine and World's Best. I do not know what you mean by scooping very regularly, but when it comes to litter box odor control, I don't think there is a substitute for scooping after each use. We humans flush after every trip to the bathroom, imagine if we only flushed every once and a while.
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Originally Posted by Enuja View Post
You seem to be looking for an alternative litter ... you might like Tidy Cat's Breeze.
It's Awesome!!!

I would note however that with the Breeze system a gradual transition is a MUST.

I've never tried anything except clay litters, yesterday's news and the Breeze, so I can't add anything regarding Swheat Scoop.
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HI, I used the Swheat litter, mixed in with feline pine scoop or
baking soda for odor. I scopped 2 -3 times a day with only one cat.
I stored my swheat litter in my garage where in a matter of a week
at a one point I had some 5-10 mice in my garage eating the litter. I threw it out,had to kill the mice and never tried it again. I did like it and wanted a
friendly litter with no dust. In saying all that I am tidy cat "Breeze" litter
pan user and just Love It, its the best thing since sliced bread.
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Originally Posted by FuzMugly View Post
I do not know what you mean by scooping very regularly, but when it comes to litter box odor control, I don't think there is a substitute for scooping after each use.
scooping after each and every use is an impossibility for most people i am sure. i work. i cannot be home to scoop the litter when my cats use it when i am working. i scoop it 2 times a day.

i looked for the breeze system and i can't find it where i live. on line i can't get it for cheaper than $100 with shipping!! i can't afford $100 for a litter box!! my husband would disown me
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I work also and cannot scoop every time one of the cats goes. I scoop in the morning before I leave for work and again in the evening when I get home. I notice zero urine odor with the Breeze but of course the poop still smells when they first go. Usually they go in the middle of the night or while I am working and it is dry and doesn’t smell by the time I get up in the morning or home in the evening.

I bought my Breeze box at Target for $22 (on sale and with a $5 manufacturers coupon), I've also seen it at Walmart and Petco. Do you have any of those stores? I would check in the stores themselves instead of their websites. I am in the Southeast US so I apologize I don’t know more about what stores you have available there. If you wanted that box I’m sure you could find it for less than $100 by doing some shopping around.
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I bought my breeze box at the local Walmart, they cost around $30.00
for the complete Kit (Box has the complete litter box, pee pads, and Pellets bag/Litter)
The pee pads - (4 in a bag) / change 1 weekly cost about $4.00
or $1.00 each and the pellets/litter cost around $7.00, I completely change
litter/pellets every 2 weeks. This does cost me a few extra dollars per month
then scoop litter, but saves me much time. Time is money.
I have seen them also at Kmart, Petco and Pet Supplies Plus.
Check your local department store pet section or pet store. Walmart has
been the cheapest and that is where I buy my supplies for it.
With the breeze box you only need to scoop once a day
to remove the poop, it is so simple, takes only seconds.
The best part of these is that there is no litter all over the house that is carried by the cats feet and that will save in house cleaning.
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that litter box looks great! i will have to check walmart, but i am not super hopeful! i live in dartmouth, nova scotia so i don't know if i will find it there. plus, our prices are much higher! we don't have a petco but we do have petcetera and pets unlimited but they are both really expensive stores so i will have to check!

if i could find that it would be great. if not i will try the feline pine...
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What are you feeding your cat?

Cats that eat cheap food will have smelly poop and urine. If they eat mostly meat via canned food the odor is minimal. My cat eats Evo canned 95% meat and has very small feces because the food is being digested and little is pooped out. Her urine is also not smelly. I use Sweat Scoop and have no odor if I scoop once a day and change the whole box every two weeks.

The litter may not be the problem - perhaps it is what is going into the cat??
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i feed my cats wellness canned and orijen kibble. when the orijen is done i am switching to evo kibble because i can feed it to both the cats and the ferrets and buy bigger bags and save a little money. i would love to feed only canned but that is not a possibility for me now as it would be at least $3.50 a day to feed just the cats.

i don't know if you have ever had a male cat but their urine is a lot smellier than female cat urine. i have one of each and i know that there is a big difference!
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