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I woke up to a terror! Ricky Bobby is so hyper right now, he's driving me crazy.He's racing up and down the living room. Looking out the window for like 30 seconds then takes off running. He's dragging socks out of the laundry basket just to play with it for 10 seconds then goes and gets another one. He never bugs me for food when I'm eating, oh but this morning, he just had to. I was eating a bowl of cereal and he was right at my side following every move my hand made, from the bowl to my mouth, licking his lips the whole time and meowing and chirping everytime I dipped the spoon in the bowl. Nice try RB but it ain't gonna happen! lol He'll lay down either right next to me on the couch or by my feet on the floor and relax for 2 minutes tops, then goes on a rampage again! They joys of having a kitten! lol All I can tell him is Wow! lol I knew cats got crazy when they hit 6 months, he's close to 8 months now.WOW!
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My cats are like that everday, part of why I chose the breed as I love their craziness
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Some are still going strong at 3 years, like my white tornado.
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I have a Bengal that gets up in the morning and is crazy!! She knocks everything off the counter in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. She yowls and sings while she is being naughty!!! My house is a disaster every morning. I love that little girl
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Yup. You've gotta love 'em!
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my kitten pepe is only 4mths old, she's part ragdoll i think...not sure, but she is CRAZY!!! At least it's normal that they are like this I just thought she had split
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On the other hand, you have some cats like my Zane who mostly eat and sleep.
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Yep, mine do it too.
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It sure beats sitting home watching cable, right?
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