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What changes do you know this year will bring to you?

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I know that the New Year holds a lot of things that we don't know are going to happen, both good and bad......but how about some of the changes that you know are going to happen this year?

I know that as of Monday morning, I'll be working two jobs, working with hub as needed and part time with my mom in her flower store. When I go full time, hub will either have to find someone to take my place part time, or just keep doing what he can do by himself, if the orders are even there to do....either way, for us, its a bit more money coming in than is now!
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This year I will start living with my boyfriend which will also mean giving up that cute little apartment I called home for the last 3 years.

Other than that it should be the same old thing. But by the Fall I will have to decide if I want to do a PhD right after finishing my Masters degree.
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On the 5th of January i start working part time instead of full time, so now i'll be able to spend more quality time with the babies, my family and friends
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I know that in July 09, I will go from a Ms. to a Mrs. and my last name will change, wow! I just thought of that
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I know that in July 09, I will go from a Ms. to a Mrs. and my last name will change, wow! I just thought of that
It took me a few months to get used to calling myself "Mrs McKinley" when i got married
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BabyHarley - I know how you feel, I just got married in June, and 2009 is the year I will finally do all the paperwork to change my last name, it will be exciting.

That's one change. Also, I hope to start my own business this year. I am excited to work for myself, make my own schedule.

Also, a third kitty might be joining our family in this next year sometime. We have been talking about it.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
It took me a few months to get used to calling myself "Mrs McKinley" when i got married
Its going to be quite odd I've thought about hyphenating my last name and his, so we'll see, I've not yet decided
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I too will go from Ms. To Mrs. Hahaha and it is sure to mess up a number of my students..especially the private students I have had since I was in college. But its ok they can still call me Ms. B.

This year will bring me halfway through my gradute program and hopefully a house and MAYBE just MAYBE this will be the year of my last orthopedic surgery! (I keep saying that EVERY year..but someday it will end!!)

so yeah I'm super excited about 2009....Lots of cool things are going to happen this year and alot of new and challenging expereinces. and right now I'm am all like...alright...BRING IT ON!!!
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We are going to be moving across town this summer. I am excited about it - our daughter will be starting a new school nearby and we will be much closer to husband's work.

It's going to be a busy summer!
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Well the first one is our 7th year anniversary coming up soon! And second one is getting my new Ocicat kitten, Jack in March. We have a lot of shows planned and hope things will be better financially in the coming year.
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Hopefully I will resume training from WSIB (worker's comp) after I get to see some medical specialists. I definately can't see WSIB continuing to pay me for sitting on my butt for too much longer.

I was in school for retraining but was pulled out in Nov. as the schooling was making my injuries right now I'm on rest pending medical. I'm tired of "rest", but the moment I try to do a full day of just light activities, I pay for it for about a week. I am very much hoping that there's surgery options for my back injury is not what limits me in living a basic life, its my arms/hands that limit everything I do.

Finding a job that suits my disabilities would be nice (after the medical is taken care of)

Along with the others above, this year I will do the paperwork for my name change as I got married June 23 2007 and haven't gotten to it yet

That's bout it...
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On Monday our new CEO at work starts. Since I'll work pretty closely with him, I know that there will be a lot of changes in store. I just don't know what they'll be yet.
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This year will be purely monetary changes for me.

I want to move
I need a new bed and dresser
I want to buy a used car
I need to start putting money into retirement plans again

I'm not actively looking for a relationship, but if the right guy comes along, I'm open to it. But I'm not going to go seeking anything through dating services.
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I will give up my single life for married life in October of this year That's for sure. Everything else... well, I guess I have to wait to see what changes 2009 has in store for me!
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We should be moving into our house this month That will be a BIG change from living with the in-laws for 3.5 years. YAY!

We will also be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in February

That's all I really know about for this year.
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It will be a busy year study-wise.

I am going to Taipei, Taiwan in September for work.

That is all I know for now.
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I am unsure that I will be able to keep my job (if the economy stays like this) Even if I do get to keep it (which I hope I do) I will be helping in another department (which makes me more valuable to the company).

The other change is that I will officially become an old fogey. I will leave the youth of my 20's behind and completely fail to reach my goal of being independantly wealthy by the age of 30.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
It took me a few months to get used to calling myself "Mrs McKinley" when i got married
I've been married for 5 1/2 years and not all that long ago I started putting my maiden name on something!!

I don't know that we have any definite changes planned. We do plan to buy a house before too long; but that's subject to change. We've always planned to start a family in 2010, so maybe I'll start working on that change sometime this year.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I know that in July 09, I will go from a Ms. to a Mrs. and my last name will change, wow! I just thought of that
Oh, you newlyweds will have fun! I've been married over 3 years and when I hear someone call "Mrs Hare." I still look around for my MIL! At work, I have to say my first and last name on every call and it took me about 3 months before I could say it without thinking (Hi, my name is on, it's right on the tip of my tongue....)

The only big change I know if going to happen this year is I'm going to turn 40. At least I HOPE it is going to happen, because the alternative is VERY depressing. Other than that, it's pretty much status quo.
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I hope not to much change, I don't like change

I'll still be going to school, working 2 jobs and taking care of my crew. One thing I know will be a litle different is that should be much better off in the financial department unles my car decides to be an even bigger weiner
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Monday I start my new job!!!! I am also moving back to L.A.!!!!! Yeye, California Summer again!!!
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Well, we're getting a new CEO at work inthe spring, so that could mean plenty of changes...or none. Who knows. DH will finish the first phase of his apprenticeship this year - so that will change up...other then that I'm really not hoping for much change. I think I'd like a quiet year for once.
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Lots of things I hope to happen... but one is that I'm going back to school... starting next week. I already have a BA in English, but it's one of those 'gotta go further if you want a real job' types of degrees... so, I'm looking at a certificate in Architecture/Sustainable Building Design, with a local community college. I may also try for going back for my Masters for the fall... but I have a hurdle for that: most of my profs from undergrad are either retired, moved on, or dead. And i need three reference letters from professor types... so I'm kind of blocked there... but I'll try for my certificate first. I'm just taking a couple of art classes first... then I'll switch over.

Other than that... whatever happens, happens. I've learned not to plan my life too much... God likes to play jokes on me and pull the rug out from under my feet when I plan too much. I do intend on moving this summer... preferably to a building down in The Pearl (nice area, reminds me of where i lived in Chicago)... there's a restricted income building there and I'm now officially on the waitlist. I'll take nearly anything to get out of this neighborhood!!

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more than I can process!
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1 # Into my second year of my degree which will be mean more hard work for me!

2 # Got to decide if I'm going to continue working as many hours part-time.

3 # In 13 days I'm sitting my final exam to become a NZCF Cat Judge, so I'll be travelling the country judging and seeing beautiful cats.

4 # Planning a trip to Singapore and one to the Gold Coast. Will see how that goes later in the year!
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i made big life changes towards the end of 2008 so 2009 doesnt seem that big, we hope to buy a house this year and we will have our big wedding in october!

I will have my full licence and will be buying a used car soon! thats all i can think of now
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My new year started out looking like we are going to have a horrible repair job on our corvette. Something shorted out by the battery and smoked. The battery is behind the drivers seat. It smelled terrible of electrical stinky. The car is at the shop and nobody is happy about having to trouble shoot the electrical system in that car. The car turns over but won't start up. We think it's the electronic ignition plus a short. That car is possessed.

I see in my near future more debt for repair bills. I don't know if I got the job I interviewed for. The application is still under review. I could really benefit from that job right now!

I'm going to be 50 years old this year and can't believe how fast the years have gone by to get to this age.

My year will be great no matter what happens because I have a husband and cats who love me, and that's what really matters!!!
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Gosh, my life sounds so dull, compared to everyone else here!!!

I'm not sure what 2009 will bring (I hope it's good), but I know what I wish for:

1. To be healthier. I had to take so many sick days last year; all minor things, but they add up, and I don't want to get into trouble. They monitor usage; every quarter the dept. heads submit the employees with the highest # of sick days in their dept. I even got a talking to 3 years ago, as I took 11 days that year (I had the flu, and that was 5 of them), even though I had 125 sick days saved up! I've been carrying around the bulk of my sick days since 1986, but they don't see it that way. I also always save 14 days of vacation every year, for emergencies. Do I sound like someone who abuses sick time??? I even lose personal days some years, as I forget to use them!

2. To be more organized, which I started while on vacation over Xmas. The garage has been cleaned out; so has the pantry (I even labeled my spice jars, using a nifty label-maker), the linen closet, and the guest/sewing room. I boxed up 5 big boxes for the Goodwill! Last stop: the attic of doom. I'm holding off on that, as I have a cold, and the dust chokes me on a good day, plus it's freezing up there. I'ma very clean person around the house, but fall short of stuff lying around. It's not really cluttered here, but it annoys me, and I do have to search for things sometimes. I'm just tired of STUFF lying around.

3. DH & I are starting up Rev War reenacting again, joining a new unit.

4. My car will be 11 years old; I may have to buy a new one soon. Not looking forward to that--I like my car, and esp. not having car payments!

4. I'd like to insulate and wallboard the garage. We only use it for storage,and as the kitty bathroom. It's so cold out there for them. I'd also like to get the concrete floor epoxied, as the litter is grinding out chunks of the floor; and coating it would make cleaning easier.

5. I'd like to finish installing crown moulding throughout the house. We've only done the kitchen & dining so far. I want it in every single room, except the garage and attic!

6. I'd like new steps and balusters and bannisters for my staircase. We removed the carpet 3 years ago, & tried painting the treads; looks awful. I want to replace the treads with hardwood, and the ugly, '70's wrought iron railings with wood. We've been planning this for 3 years now!
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