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Daily Thread TGIF January 2nd!

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Morning peeps!!

Its 2009!!!

We had a quiet New Years....we went to the casino, lost some money, and then left early at like 11:45pm...we ended up spending new years in the McDonalds drive thru I really needed a cheeseburger!

Anyhoo, off to work today...not happy about that. I have a lot of things to do this weekend..including a dentist appointment for a filling tomorrow

So...have a great year folks!
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I leave at 1 p.m. for Sugarland, TX. Then I'm off until Monday evening.

Supposed to be warm today.
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We just got home last night from like a month at my moms getting her afairs in order then so she could move back here with us. I feel lots better having her close by instead of way down in Louisiana.
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Good morning.

I think I may have a sleep in this morning - I'm really tired. Still haven't recovered from NYE.

I've got to go out and buy kitty litter and cat biscuits, do some washing (although it's raining here) and tidy my room

Then I've got work at 6pm

Have a great day folks!
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Good Morning, Another cold one today 8F outside but the wind has died down. Not a thing planned for today. I'm watching my Granddaughter today while her moms at work so that will sure keep me busy. Shes 17 months old and a whirlwind!
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I didn't do much on New Year's Eve. I made chili and went to bed about 9:30pm or so. Worked on the 1st. I am supposed to be working today too but I have a funeral to go to this morning. I'm just sitting here waiting for my brother to get off work and come pick me up.

I'll probably do a load of laundry later today and vacuum. I gave up the homecare cleaning because I'm now back at work. I still need the help for certain things, but I can pay someone now. Unfortunately the girl I hired to do it is the girl who was coming from Homecare and she hurt her back on Christmas Eve lifting a large box. So until she heals I'm going to have to muddle through and do what I can.
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Good Morning!!

Hope that you all had a great New Years! I did, although my babies are still sick. They have been sick with a cold since christmas. My poor son, whos birthday was the 28 was sick on his birthday and my daughters birthday is the 7th. Poor babies, huh?

Oh well, today I have cleaning to do and playing nurse today, lol.

Hope that you all have a wonderful day today!!
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Another sunny cold and windy day today. 8F outside with a windchill of -10F-brrrrr.

On top of that I have felt poorly since last night. Actually yesterday I was cold most of the day but last night I had upset stomach. Thought it was from my chocolate/junk food rich diet but that doesn't seem the case. Now I'm a bit achy, light headed and stomach still queasy.

And tonite is the bachelorette party too. If I don't feel better in 6 hours I'm not going to go. I have to drive 1st an hour to my SIL's house then another 30 minutes to the restaurant-I don't even feel like eating-RATS!!!

So I'm just going to lay around and see if I feel better later today.
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Good morning....

Not too much happening here. Gas prices are on the rise again which stinks...I'm going to go check if they are still down and fill up if they are cuz in the city it jumped up 5cents/L. I was ALMOST able to afford to drive my truck LMAO.

My hubby is at work today, and my one daughter is going to her dads for the weekend. I don't know what me and my other daughter will be doing today.
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Morning All!!

It's warmed up to about -8C here and the wind has gone down so that is a improvement.

I have a couple of errands to run after lunch but both are close by so I think I will bundle up and walk. I need the exercise after the holidays, I am feeling a little sluggish from all the over-indulgence so am going to be doing a fruit and veggie thing for the next few days.

My only other plans for today are dusting, a load or two of laundry and a complete change on all the litter boxes.

I am glad that the holidays are over and things will soon start to get back to normal.

The kitties are good, all window watching this morning. The feud between the Black Squirrels and Blue Jays seems to be their version of a soap opera and as soon as they hear them they are right up on the window to watch.

Everyone have a great day
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i fell asleep at like 10 new years eve. It sucked and my husband got really mad at me. He says he told me he would be made and I answered him but I don't remember him even trying to wake me up. It sucked cause I woke up at like 1 am and he was all mad at me .
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I'm definitely glad for the hoopla to be over, but I hate to see this week of vacation end, lol! I tell you, sleeping until 7 in the morning can be addictive! Doing not much of anything today, have picked up the house a bit, and petted the kitties, headed out in a few for lunch and shopping with my hub.....thank God for gift cards!
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Pretty quiet day here. I was thinking about going into the office today. Mostly just so I could use the gym at work. I ended up getting interested in a couple of old movies last night and stayed up until 3 though, so there was no way I was getting up early today. It's also a 50 mile round trip, so I hate going in for anything less than ~ 6 hour. I'll probably remote desktop in to check my e-mail and the like, but that's about it.

Since I did decide not to go in, I'm going to run a few errands today. I've got to schedule a vet appointment for Thufir and then go to the drug store, the post office, and the grocery store. I'm also hoping to squeeze a nap in sometime before dinner.
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Since im still fighting that cold I had to cancel out on visiting my sister today Because she has a newborn and I don't want to give her my cold since the baby gets her first set of shots on Monday. Its ok we rescheduled for NEXT weekend but still my mom and other sister are still going and I do enjoy the girl days out.

So I am not sure what I am going to do today....My fiance is at work right now and so all i have manged to do was make a pot of coffee and give my kitties alot of love...I wanted to sleep in but Tilly was ontop of me until I fed her and then she was batting my head every half hour until I decided to get up. and now she's ignoring me.

I think...all I am going to catch up on bills, grocery shop and go to the gym. A very quiet day after a very busy 3 weeks but I am GLAD the holidays are over and things are returning to normal.
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I woke up at 6:30am to ride with Rob to work so I could take the car today. I've been off since the 31st and go back to work on the 5th, so I decided it was errand time. Put all the stuff we got for our house for Xmas in the storage unit, made porkchops for lunch and brought some to Rob, shipped a package for him, returned a pack of shirts to Wal-Mart, then used a gift card to buy some more house stuff, and picked up a few other things while I was there. Returned 2 library books I've finished. Tried to get food for Katina but Petsmart was sold out of the adult formula (unless I wanted hairball, sensitive stomach, etc).

Now I'm just relaxing for another hour until I leave to pick Rob up from work and go bowling tonight. Lets hope I didnt forget how to bowl like normal! It's been a few weeks since the league got together. The other girl on our team did pretty horribly in pre-bowling, so we have to make up for her scores tonight.
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