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Avalon for adoption (Florida)

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I am putting my 1yr female Russian blue up for adoption.
I rescued her from the Polk County Animal Control and things just havn't worked out.

I'm hoping that someone on here that fosters cats will be able to take her.

She can be a bit distructive for a cat. She tips everything over and shreds paper. Thats really not much of a problem as long as everything is put away and any can w/o lids are empty.

My problem is that she seems to be bi-polar. Shes the perfect cuddily kitty one second and the next shes shredding your arm with her teeth and then back to being sweet. Shes done this 4 times now for absolutely no reason and the last time she really did some damage. For this reason she CAN NOT go to a home with children.

She gets along just fine with other cats and completely ignores dogs (even hyperactive ones). She always uses the litter box!

Shes eats a lot for her size but she could use a few extra pounds on her.

For the medical side:

She is spayed, microchipped, UTD on all shots, wormer, and flea meds.
Her back left paw has fused toes. I've taken her to the vets and they weren't concerned about it. The only time it seems to bother her is when she jumps down from somewhere. DO NOT TOUCH HER FUSED PAW!! I think it hurts her and she gets agressive.

Other than that, shes not big on being picked up. Likes her own time away from you but also likes to be a lap kitty. She would be perfect for someone who is lonely and just wants the company of an animal that can take of itself.

Her adoption fee is $25.
Because I am still looking for a companion for Mya, if you are at your limit with fostered cats, I would be interested in maybe swapping Avalon with a young kitten that is more like my Mya. We can discuss it further if you are interested.

I have plenty of pics and I have a video of her ultimate scratch spot.
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She's acting like your basic 1 year old kitten from the sounds of it. The "bi-polar" is probably from being taken from mom too young. Have you ever considered that she's bi-polar due to the fact that her paw bothers her (I know you said the vet doesn't seem concerned, but if you think it's a possiblity - do you have access to another vet for a 2nd opinion?) ?

As far as I'm concerned, cats are for life - and not to be traded in. You just deal with their issues - I've had deaf, blind, sprayers, one of mine is "bi-polar" & attacks people/other animals frequently. But no one else wants my problems....a cat that is "aggressive" is not likely easily re-homed, and many will not realize what they are getting into, so be careful who she goes to.

Also - how long have you had her? Any history on her?
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Like Natalie said, perhaps you should get a second opinion on her toes - if you think they are hurting her, they probably are despite what the vet said.

How old was she when you got her and what kind of socialisation have you tried with her?
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I read your other posts and it looks like you've only had her a few weeks. How can you give up on her so fast? The poor cat. It really does sound like she might have a problem with her paw. I really think you should bring her back to the vet. maybe they can xray her foot.
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This makes me very sad. If your toes hurt you'd be a little grumpy too.
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She sounds like a perfectly normal 1 year old kitten to me too ,i also agree on getting a second opinion on the toe situation sounds like its painful to me if she is that agressive if you touch it.
Pain does terrible things to your demeanor, human or animal.
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