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All this turmoil work and added stress with my cats

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You know, i've noticed something. All this trouble that i'm going through, it's changing my relationship with my cats.

Before, i'd even complain about it here. My cats were never cuddly. They didn't sleep in my bed with me, and didn't even sleep together anymore. they'd come up a time or two a day for 10 minutes of cuddles.

Now, they are GLUED to me. They both sleep on me. lol. well sort of. they smash up next to me. tinker at my chest and wilbur between my legs. Sometimes tinker goes under the covers.

They both come to me many times a day for hugs and pets. it's been so great.

When tinker got scared after having the babies i felt so bad for her. one of the babies got cold and started screaming. I had NO idea a newborn kitten could get that loud. But she wouldn't stop. it took me over an hour to get her warmed back up and stopped. But when she started, tinker didn't know what to do. the crying was just killing her. She came to me and stuck her head between my legs and tried to burrow into me to hide. Then she'd run over to the baby, then to me, and get RIGHT next to my chest, look at me, then the kitten. I finally got it warmed up by holding it between my hands and softly blowing my breath out over it. Just like I did with Lucky.

But it's strange how our relationships have changed. Wilbur had a very hard time with the whole birth thing. he wanted so bad to help but dind't know what to do. one time he moved one of the kittens to me thinking i'd help. But he was as gentle as tinker. he licked them coming out of tinker and helped her clean them. Tinker sometimes takes the kittens over to wilbur and lays them on his chest.

It's surreal, but I sure love the way they're more lovable to me now. Sure got there the hard way
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awww, they missed you!
really, mine are much more cuddly [for a time, anyway] after i've been away [like the last couple of days - i just got back from being gone for 5 days].
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There's the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder.... I wonder if that holds true for kitties, too. Poor Tinker.... such a traumatic experience for the little gal... and Wilbur, too.

Anyway - I am glad that things are working out with you three... and the new arrivals. Just hang in there... we're rooting for you.
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Thanks addiebee. you guys are pretty patient. I know the other day I was getting a little snippy in my replies. Didn't mean to, i was just so frustrated that things that don't normally bug me were really getting to me.
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The annoying thing is, you can't tell Tink what to do! She's almost as bad as a teenager.

We've had cats who had kittens too young, and they were not successful, either. Seems like they need to attain a certain age before all the instincts work right.
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Cuddly cats, what a great stress reliever. I'm kind of surprised they weren't more cuddly before since you hand raised them.
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You'll understand even more what people mean when they say that almost any change in a cat's situation can change its behavior a lot.
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