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Tips on using an inhaler

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A few weeks back, I posted about my cat, who has asthma. The vet suggested we try an inhaler, and we have purchased the Aerokat mask and filled a prescription for Flovent. Next step: dispensing the medication!

For a few days, we just tried holding the mask up to his face so that he could get used to it. He looked at me as if I were crazy, but he tolerated it. However, once I actually tried to dispense the medication, what the vet predicted came to pass: as soon as he heard the hiss of the inhaler, the poor guy took off running!

So, does anyone have any tips for me? How long did it take for your kitty to get used to the inhaler? Do you scruff or swaddle him or her in a towel? I really hate trying to confine my buddy, but I'm not sure holding him is enough once he's determined to get away. He's gentle, but he is a Siamese, and he does have his opinions about things!
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I sit indian style and put my legs around Coco so she can not back up.
Then I put the mask on her and spray the flovent.
Would you like to join the Feline Inhaled Medicine Group?
Here is the link.
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i just ordered the aerokat and have not used it yet, i just found out my other baby has crf and i have been crying for weeks, i need to get my self together here and get my other one started on his inhalers, they wanted almost 400.oo for the script when does the insanity end.
so sad
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My Reilly has asthma and I use the Aerokat mask. Reilly is ok about having the mask held up to his face,But no way does he tolerate dispensing the med when its being held up to his face. I spoke to the Aerokat company and they said tht it is ok to first spray the inhaler then quickly put it up to the cats face. Reilly tolerates its fine by doing it this way.
My vet suggested I order the inhaler from a canadian drug store as its half the price. I do this and save alot of money this way. ask your vet about doing this.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your CRF diagnosis. I wish you the very best for your cat's health (and for your peace of mind).

As for the price of the medication, yes indeed, it is expensive. Four hundred seems awfully steep, though. Is your prescription for Flovent? Mine was a bit over $200 (maybe closer to $250), and I had it filled at a pharmacy chain not known for its bargain prices. I think I could have gotten a better deal at Costco or some other wholesale club pharmacy.

Hang in there - m9
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Sorry, gardencats - you posted while I was composing my last reply.

Your suggestion is a good one. I will continue to try doing it the "orthodox" way, but if that doesn't work, I will try what you're doing.

Is your cat a Siamese, by the way? (I think you've mentioned them in your previous posts.) I love Siamese cats, and I wouldn't hesitate to get another, but it's too bad they can be genetically predisposed to this condition.
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Coco has Crf also.
I found out Coco had Crf Sept 27th 2008 and I lost Stripe to Cef Sept 27th 2000.
If you want help with
Would you like to join the crf group on yahoo?
I paid 249 for Coco's inhaler and it was no at a cheap pharmacy.
400 is way to high.
Here is the link to teh crf group.
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Not sure if this is any help, but here's the link to the Aerokat Inhaler.

I had a friend who had a cat that had been recently diagnosed with asthma. She joined the Yahoo! group, and had an Aerokat inhaler given to her by a member of the list who's kitty had passed away.

I can imagine how difficult it would be to give a cat inhaled meds. I don't even like tasting/breathing my own inhaler....and I understand what it's all about!!!

Good luck!
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Yes Reilly is a Siamese 1 of my 4 siamese. I have read that its more common for Siamese to have asthma but he is the first one that has had it that I have owned.
You really should look into ordering from a canadian drug store. I payed less then $100.00 free shipping for two inhalers.
I was hesitant at first ordering from a candian drugstore, but I have had no problems and sure save a enormous amount of money.
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My Harvey had asthma and was on the Flovent inhaler. He was a very skittish cat, and it took him a while to get used to it. I had to start out spraying the inhaler into the tube, then quickly putting the mask to his face. After a while he got used to the sound of the inhaler and he was OK with spraying it while it was up to his face.

I've also heard of people who got a prescription for Albuterol (the rescue inhaler), which is cheaper, and sprayed the inhaler at random around their cat to get them used to the sound. They say it's worked for them.

The Yahoo group is great, and they really helped me a lot. There's also a website,, that I found very helpful.

$400 seems like an awful lot for Flovent. I think I spent around $220 the first time I orded it from Walgreens...but that was a couple years ago. It was about 30% less at Costco. In the end, I was ordering it from a pharmacy that was outside the US and it was a whole lot less expensive. Just make sure you use a reputable one. The Yahoo group has a list of pharmacies that others have used with good results.
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It is true more siamese get asthma.
My Coco has a sealpoint siamese mom and is half siamese even though she is black and white.
My vet said siamese are more prone to asthma.
Coco has a son and the vet said he seems to have asthma also.
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I have two Siamese - they are brothers - but so far, thankfully, only one of them has shown symptoms of asthma. The web sites and books I've consulted say asthma affects only about 1 in 100 cats, so even in Siamese, it's probably not prevalent, though not rare.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!
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