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Free 2009 Hooters Calendar

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The online free edition of the 2009 Hooters Calendar. All you have to do is print it, use it for a computer desktop, etc etc.

2009 Hooters Calendar .pdf file
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Well done Mike!
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Does it have pics more suited to the ornithologist?

I thought so.
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Those hooters are beautiful!
Thanks for the heads up Mike on free hooters!
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Your thread title got my attention.
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That was a good one.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Your thread title got my attention.
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At least I suspected it was birds... WAY cool Mike
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Thats pretty cool. I printed one out to use on the outside of my school folder (has plastic slip in the front). I also found this site and you can customize calendars and print them for free:
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Now these are MY kinda hooters!!!!!

They are such amazing birds! When I lived in North Carolina, the woodsy area behind my apartment building had owls nesting back there... great horned I think... and at dusk you could hear them!! So cool!
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Thats cute. We get mostly screech owls around here, but if they was any on there, then it wouldnt be hooters
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Dottie and I once came up behind a truck that had "Show Hooters" written on the dust in the back.

"That's strange," I said to Dottie. "I didn't know there was an owl show circuit."

(If you haven't seen the trailers that say "Show Dogs" or "Show Horses" on the back, the whole joke will probably be lost on you!)
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Got to admit it caught my attention too!
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It makes me feel a lot least I don't have to feel jealous of THEIR hooters! Ok, someone stop me before I do my world-famous owl call impressions! (I do a mean Barred Owl call! LOL)

I love owls. I miss not hearing them hoot at night where I now live. Mom's place had at least one Great Horned Owl. I find their calls very soothing. Cat lovers beware: Great Horned Owls have been know to hunt and eat cats at night, so, if you have these owls in your yard, you may want to reconsider letting your cats out at night. These owls range from 18"-25" tall. Now, talk about huge hooters!!!
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If you want to hear some owl calls, you can go to
And yes, what I was seeing and hearing in North Carolina were Great Horned Owls... locals called 'em "hooty" owls.
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Ha! I didn't bother to check out this thread until I saw that the mods had let it live a full 24 hours... then I knew it had to be a joke.
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......nice shoot my friend!...
thanks for share!...
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DH was a bit dissappointed!
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When I first saw the thread title I thought "What the heck is he thinking???" I can't wait to share this with DH.
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