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Daily Thread 01/01/09

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Afternoon All!!!

Happy New Year's Day...

Very cold here today, -27C when I first got up this morning, but it is suppose to cloud up and get warmer this afternoon.

Had some issue's with my Internet connection this morning, but it seems to be working fine now.
Nothing special planned for today, my hands and knees are both really bothering me today, so I guess I will just hang around the house, try and stay warm.
They are having a monster movie marathon on one of the local channels today so guess that will be my entertainment.
The kitties have decided that window watching is to cool today so have all headed for my bed to nap....I just might join them in awhile.
Hope everyone having a great day
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I havent been outside today, but i think it's another cold one out.

I've had a lazy day with the babies, and i took down the christmas tree and decorations to get the house back to normal
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Happy New Years Day to all of you. Its a real bone chilling day here today temps at 5 F and with the 30 plus MPH winds its way below zero. The wood stoves stoked up and nice and warm inside. Not a thing planned for today .Just going to hang around the house and watch some movies and stay warm.
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The weather is about the same here but is a warm 22F windchill at 9F with some light snow that is blowing around quite a bit!!

Did some dishes this morning and refilled the bird feeders.
My hands are cold though up here in my "office" even though I drank some hot chocolate!!

Being lazy too-my sis left a bunch of novels that I have started on.

Making my yummy ham-cheese vegetable soup for dinner.

Have a relaxing day!!
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Lazy day here too. Fed the birds, let the chickens out for a run and then put them back to bed just before dark.

Just relaxed at home with the internet, a wonderful New Year's Day Concert from Vienna on TV and a book. The kitties are crashed out in various warm places and hubby made a lovely roast dinner.
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We're having a lazy day, too. I made breakfast this morning and did dishes. We watched the Rose parade this morning, and it'll be all sports for the rest of the day. DH loves his football.
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