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The Chairman Squishy Meow, Margo, & Cow!

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Some new pics of these 3.....

Squishy - not feeling well, but as fat, old, mean, & cranky as ever! Just so long as he keeps kicking.... ....and stays healthy so I don't have to try to medicate him much longer! (Note the Panalog/yellow spots all over the floor from trying to medicate one cranky old cat)

Margo - my little "fruit bat" - not the sharpest tool in the shed

Mr. Moo Cow - his abcess healed, but the other two wounds are taking longer. And he has an ear infection too. He's liking all the attention though, not liking it when I keep locking him IN the house though.

(These are 3 of 4 tame farm kitties - Fafeena jumped the baby gate to escape the bathroom & race to the door outside before I could get pics of her)
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Margo is so pretty! of course, i have a soft spot for the blue kitties...
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They're all adorable.
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Why do you call Margo the fruit bat?
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Margo's flighty & not so smart, she kinda flutters around, but not graceful like a butterfly, so somewhere along the line she got dubbed "my little fruit bat".
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Awwwwwwww those pooor babies.
You would think Fafeena would love being inside form the cold.

You can send Margo with Izzy and Ophelia
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I love your little bat also
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I've tried making Fafeena a housecat many times - through & through she's a semi-feral farm kitty, just tamed down over the last 15 years. She'll tolerate being inside for awhile....but it usually doesn't last.
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Cow looks like Twitch in the face, are they related?

And I love Margo's big round head
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Awwww Nat their so sweet Poor Moo Cow's been through the wars bless him
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Margo may not be the sharpest tol in the shed, but she is the prettiest
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Aww what gorgeous kitties Your little fruit bat is so sweet and Mr. Moo Cow has the most lovely expression - does he have a gentle nature? His eyes look as if he does.

As for Mr. Chairman Squishy Meow - what a lovely kitty - he looks as if he's just told you that he's the boss and you shouldn't forget it
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Ohhhhh! Squishy!!!!!
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To answer questions -

Cow & Twitch are littermates. Fafeena is their mom. Good eye on that one! Cow is a sweetie to people, he likes to lick & suck fingers now he has no teeth, & knead laps.

Cow has had it kinda rough, he keeps scratching his face open (despite clipped nails)....and picking fights. He's better now that I've got Feliway going in the garage, and I'm working with the vet to try to work out some peace. Just too many "alpha" type boys - even if they are neutered.

And Squishy always rules the roost. He's the oldest, therefore he thinks he's the wisest. He's the biggest, therefore he thinks he's the toughest. And he's meowmy's favorite (or so I tell him & all of them).
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