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It's Now Officially A New Year!

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Happy 2009, y'all!
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I can only think that things can only get better with the new year!
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Happy new year!!!!

I hope the H*ll I have a better year then I have had for the last 4 or 5 years. I keep saying it is going to get better and that it can't get any worse, but some how it always seems to do just that, get MUCH worse.
After having a fire and having to move, and being forced to re-home ALL of my Ragdolls and giving up breeding, I really don't think it can possible get any worse for me, so hopefully it will get better, I mean I can't have bad luck forever right? The last few years of bad life has got to be enough, so heres to a good new year for every one!
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Indeed it is a new year

I'm hoping it is better than last year for me, and everyone else who had a rough go of it

Happy New Year folks.
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Happy New Year everyone!

I can't complain too much about 2008. It was, maybe, not the best year, but certainly not the worst. If 2009 turns out as well, I can't complain. So far, it has started out well. I celebrated the New Year with some great people who I like, and now I'm home and my kitties are happily gorging themselves on some tuna. I hope everyone else is having a safe and happy new year!
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Well, 2008 was my first year without my mom, and my first year living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but on the whole I guess it was about 50/50.
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Happy New year!!!!
I am soooooo done with 2008!!!! 2009, come and get me!!!
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happy new year!

We are well and truely in the new year in cornwall!!!!
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