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Hi everyone, new here

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Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hello and glad I found this site, it has been quite resourceful. I've just adopted a 6 week old kitty from a local shelter and brought him home today. He is going to be neutered at the end of the month. They wanted to wait til then cause they want to wait til he reaches 2 lbs before performing the procedure. Anyway, I havent had any pets since I was a kid so this is my first kitty in quite a few years. I'm pretty excited. He will be sharing an apartment with my gf and myself, and he'll be exclusively an indoor cat.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and when I get a chance I'll have to get some pics up to show him off
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Welcome! Yes, we love pictures here, especially kitten pictures!!!

Congrats on your new friend, may you have many long and happy years together!
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Ditto to Sue , Enjoy your stay Buddy
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Welcome to the site! Congrats on your new family member. I'm sure he will add so much more to your lives than you ever imagined. And yes, we would LOVE to see pics of the little one.
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Welcome to the board! Your little guy must be adorable... six weeks is so young to be away from his kitty mom... I'm sure he'll love having attention from you and your gf. Congratulations on the new arrival. Can't wait to see pictures!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Congrats on the new addition to the family,
and Enjoy your time with us at the Cat Site!!!!
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Welcome to the site! This place can be quite addicting..so consider yourself fair warned!
Hope to see you around on the board! Oh...If ya can't tell, we just LOVE kitty pictures! Please do share!
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Welcome, but also I wanted to say thank you for adopting a shelter cat.

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Welcome you will love it here! Great people and they give lots of help. But we absolutley must see your baby ok?

Here are my babies

Have a great day!

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Hi there! I can say that's it's good to get here and it is always defficult to leave for homework.
Show us the pictures!
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Hello, this is a great site, you are going to love it, there is so much to learn and so many beautiful cats.

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