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I am appauled by what WingNutt has done. Again, it is no way to treat a cat by just throwing it outside. Do us all a favor, and never ever get another cat again or any animal for that matter. If you happen to get a cat that is a sprayer or has a little temperment, I am sure he will go out the door again.

When taking in an animal, no one has ANY idea how they will react in your own home. That is part of the responsibility. It pretty much comes down to luck how the personality of a cat comes down once you bring it home. I know friends who visited shelters numerous times, even bringing their own cats to see which best went with their cats. Brought them home and TOTALLY different cats came to be.

If you cannot handle it, you should have taken it to a No-Kill shelter.

Some cats are sprayers no matter what, and some are not. But you should have gotten him neutered earlier. Vets say 6months, but really 2-3lbs (or 3-5months is perfect).

I havn't been able to read everything, and I have no idea when you neutered. Nonetheless research on when to neuter is easily accessible and should have been done if this is new to you.

Hopefully you do the right thing and bring him to a shelter. And before getting another cat, you learn how to act like an adult.
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Wow you just threw him out?? poor poor kitty!please take him to a rescue or a no kill shelter! 2 of My boys ( that are both fixed) STILL spray (alot) Is it annoying? YES!! Does it stink OF COURSE!!! but I took the responsibility of theses cats on,and I love them!and no matter what I would not get rid of them,they are like my children and I would never throw my child oput because they do stuff that is gross or makes me mad ( or else they would have been one a long,long time ago)lol.Please do't just leave this poor cat outside to fend for himself all because he is doing something he has NO CONTROL OVER!!! WEhere do you live? maybe someone ere ( myself even) could take him in and find him a home????
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