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hypertrophic cardiomyopathey and hyperthyroid. so worried

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im so worried about my cat merlin.. he was diagnosed with heart failure a year ago and grade 3 murmour and treated with laxis, fortekor and vetmedin, but he had a scan today and it turns out he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is different to what they guessed it was im angry they never scanned him til today
also hes severely hyperthyroid and theyve not tested him til now even thougn i suspected it ages ago.. his symptoms are exhausted, not very responsive to me, not moving much, weight loss, really fast irregular heartbeat, laboured breathing, really thirsty and hungry.

so is meds have been changed to atenolol and felimazole.

im so worried about him he's soo ill im so scared of losing him.. hes my best friend and i dont have family or a partner so he's my world.

the vet said if the thyroid meds dont work in 3 weeks theyll think about taking his thyroid out but that its probably too risky for him with the heart failure..

any support or advice appreciated.thamnks bluebell x
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I am so sorry to hear this, Many prayers and vibes headed your way Merlin
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no advice - just & - plus some for you...
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thank you guys for the prayers and vibes. bluebell and merlin x
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Prayers for him.
I have a cat with a heart murmur but can not help you.
I do not know much about the other problems.
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Fingers crossed for the meds - sometimes hyper-t can cause heart issues, but in some cases it can be reversible. There are some useful links on this thread

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Sending many vibes for your kitty.

My male cat has a grade 2 murmur and was diagnosed with mild HCM almost 3 years ago. He's on antenolol daily which has halted the progress of the disease for now. I'm not sure how the thyroid condition would complicate things with your kitty, but did want to suggest you check out this online support group for cats with heart conditions. I've found it to be a great resource:


Good luck!
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