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Nice to be back!!

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Hello All!
It has been a while since I was last on here and a lot has changed. For starters, I know live in Georgia and it is great. I still have my Cali, now 6 yrs old. But I also have two new ones. Tink who is a year, almost two and a kitten, Faith, that was a rescue and they gave her to my husband and I.

Now, here is the question that I have. Faith is about 7 months and she is a spazz and a half. Which I love...she is fearless unlike my Tink. Faith doesnt seem to mind anything, shower, vacuum, our Boston Terrier...nothing seems to bother and I say this because she is the only cat that claws my furniture! I can yell at her, spray her with the water bottle, clap my hands and she just looks at me and continues. My other two all I have to do is snap my fingers and thats the end of it. With Faith i have to walk over to her and take her claws out of whatever she has sunk them into.

I don't believe in delawing cats but this is beginning to be an issue. I cant clip her nails without turning into the couch. so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Again thank you all and it is great to be back and i hope to have pics up of all my babies, lol.
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There are some threads on training cats to use scratching posts. I haven't many of them because it's never been much of an issue with my cats. You should be able to do a search.

You might look into SoftPaws as well. They're little plastic caps that you glue over your cat's claws. No more sharp points.
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I put a scratch post in front of the corner of couch where she liked to scratch
and that stopped the couch, she uses the scratch post alot.
However sometimes she is scratching the chair corner now.
I hiss at her and she quits.
I am thinking about trying the double sided tape on that corner.
If that does not work I might just put a cotton cover over the chair
and see if she stops. I heard you can also use a citrus product
to keep them away.
I do cut her nails about every 10 days and she does not seem to do
any damage.
Do you have enough scratch posts?
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I do have one, I might have to get another. My Cali is the queen of the house and doesnt like any other animals and she is usually there...so that might be the problem, lol. I will have to look into getting another around the house.

Thanks for the rubber tip idea, I might go check that out. It doesnt hurt them? I was just wondering since it does seem a lot like fake nails. It kills when they get yanked off on accident.

I will be trying a lot of these ideas. I will keep you posted on what works for my lil stinker, lol.
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i've never had one get yanked off - once, Cable got her claw stuck in some loose string on the loveseat [old loveseat, don't have it any more - got scratched to pieces! it was a free piece my mom didn't want anymore - never was my taste] & she was QUITE upset! but i just cut the string & she was free.
my new stuff has very tightly woven canvas covers & wood - no one's the least bit interested in scratching it.
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