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Post-shower leg nibbles...

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After getting out of the shower and having dried off, Rossi or Prissi will come up and give me little nibbles on my legs. Rossi is a bit more of a scoundrel about it, his will hurt on occasion, and he does this bite-and-run thing where he slowly sizes up his target, bites, recoils, and then darts away, thinking he got away with something sinister, I guess. I'm one of those everything-is-cute cat dads, so I end up laughing about it, wondering what he's thinking. It took Rossi a long time to act and play like a kitty, so I cut him a lot of breaks.

They're not nibblers any other time, so could it be just excess water on my legs they're reacting to? The smell of soap? They typically act as though they're trying to sniff something just prior, so I wondered if the soap smell put them in a slightly manic state, like catnip.

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I laughed, because if I started this thread, I would have called it "Post-shower toe lickling..." My Koko does this, but her target is toes and she doesn't so much nibble them as much as lick them. She will occassionally go after toes when we are in the kitchen, but she's obsessed about clean toes in the bathroom. Koko was orphaned at 10 days old and does not act like a normal cat. I give her a lot of breaks also.

I've always just attributed to a quirk of Koko's, but now you have me wondering. What kind of soap do you use (I use Ivory)? Do you have a water softener / purifier in your house (I do)? Do you have a glass door that they stare through (I do)? Anything else odd about your shower?
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I'm an obsessive user of Dove bodywash (though I've tried Ivory, and the two are very similar), and Rossi has done it both at my (old) house, and my (new) apartment. Priss has only picked it up at the apartment. For what it's worth, Priss is a lover that's extremely affectionate, while Rossi will quickly bite when he becomes agitated. So, both are passionate kitties, I guess.
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I don't know if it's the soap. Sabina nips me on the back of my calves before I get in the shower!
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I think it's the soap as my kitty does this after I get out of the shower as well. She also used to lick the bar of soap I had by the tub before I replaced it with shower gel. I guess they like the taste. Yuck!
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Maybe it's the soap. But for some reason, all three of ours will come in the bathroom and wait for you to get out, then want to rub against you and be petted. I'm kind of puzzled.

Maybe they just think our cat hair content is too low?
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mine don't nip but they have to rub against me and then lick the water off my legs....weird cats. they also jump in the tub and try to lick it dry...not like they dont have a water fountain with fresh water....i dunno, i just let them do their thing.
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Gus used to lick the backs of my legs and my butt when I got out of the shower to dry me off. He always sat on the toilet, which is a foot from the shower, and watch me, and then when I got out he would stay there right at thigh/butt height and lick. Occasionally I would see him trying to figure out a way to get in. LOL He would also put his front paws up on the towel bar and talk to me. Almost every single time I took a shower or a bath he would be in there with me. I swear he was freaked out that I took my fur off and purposely got wet. He wasn't trying to figure out a way to get in, he was trying to figure out a way for ME to get OUT! LOL

Nora thinks whenever we shower it means it is time for bed so she hops up in bed and starts making bread and meows like crazy. We usually take our showers immediately before bed, so this is why she thinks that, but sometimes we don't. She doesn't do anything to my husband, but she licks and nuzzles at my ears when my hair is wet, fresh from the shower.
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My first cat was my shower buddy. He would sit on the toilet till I was done and then smooze my legs. I thought that he was mad i washed his sent off and it was his duty to re-mark me.
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Man! Dyslexia is a trip!!

When I read this title....several times, I saw "Post-shower leg nipples..."
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Levi likes to lick the water off my legs. Jordan will attack my legs & bite them after I have used my Schick Intuition razor. I don't know what's in the soap around the blade, but he acts like cats do with cat nip.
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