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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, December 31st!

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The last Question Of The Day for 2008!

Sorry I'm late, we lost internet/cable sometime in the night, probably from the snowstorm and wind!

Where are you in birth order? Only child, oldest, middle, youngest, adopted, etc.?

I'm the oldest. I have some of the qualities of an oldest child, but growing up, I was pretty wild! I'm not so sure I buy into this whole theory, lol! Like anything to do with the human mind, there is no real concrete, one size fits all explanation!
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only child
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I am the oldest of 6 kids.
In fact I am 19.5 years older then my youngest sister.
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I am second of four. The oldest girl
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Of my mother's kids, I'm youngest.
Of my father's kids, I'm oldest
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I'm the oldest of four..
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third and baby of the family. My brother is 7 years older than me, my sister is 2.5 years older, and adopted. (I was the 'oops.')

Yes, I do share some of those traits listed for the youngest... my brother doesn't really share much of the 'oldest' traits... but a little of the 'only' traits... my sister doesn't share any of the middle/adopted traits... she just doesn't... although a little of the 'second' but her rivalry isn't toward our brother... it's toward me... but then again, my family is strange...

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2nd oldest of 7

Ages go from: 38, 31 (me), 22, 20, 20, 19 and 15
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I'm the baby. There's just my brother and me, and he's 8 years older, so in many ways we are both "only" children.
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Interesting! I'm adopted and so is my brother. We're adopted from different familys. In our adopted family (my real family) I'm the youngest. Biologically speaking my brother is the youngest and I would be the oldest. In terms of the characteristics linked I vaguely fit the youngest description and definitely fit the only girl among boys description swinging from tom-boy as a child to much more feminine as I've gotten older. The description of an adopted child doesn't seem to fit at all.
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I'm the baby!
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I'm the youngest of 4
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I'm the oldest of 4...and I pretty much act like it
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I'm smack in the middle of five.
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I have a twin sister, and an older brother... I was born first from my twin, so if you count a few minutes, I am the middle child
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I'm the oldest of three and definitely have the characteristics that go along with it - major sense of responsibility, high expectations from parents, etc...
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I went from being the baby and only girl (with 3 older brothers) for 10 years to being #4 of 5 and the older daughter. How messed up am I?
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I'm the youngest of 5
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I'm the middle child and the only girl with 2 brothers. My youngest brother is the "favorite" with my older brother occasionally filling in for him.
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I'm the oldest of thr. Five years older than my brother and eight years oldr than my sister.
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Well, I am considered the 'only child' for my mom.

According to my father, I was the 'oldest' since I have two younger half sisters (21 & 12).
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Youngest of 4 my mom actually had her pregnacy with me confirmed a day before her 40th birthday, she use to always tell me I was an unexpected surprise, but a pleasant one.
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I am the youngest of 4 children and yes I was spoiled so they tell me.
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Youngest of 7 if you count step brothers & sisters. I AM NOT SPOILED I AM PAMPERED
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I am the oldest, there is a catch though
By the way I am 29
I am the oldest of my real siblings:
I have a 22 yr old (full Sis) - 7 yrs difference
I have a 9 yr old (half Sis) - 20 yrs difference

I also have a 11 yr daughter and a 8 yr old son

I also had 2 step brothers, one older by 1 yr and the other one younger by 2 yrs.
I also had 3 foster brothers all three older, one by 4 yrs. 3 yrs and one by 1 yr.

so I was raised as a middle child but really the oldest. I am can be conrolling at times with my kids, but I am a very laid back person. I have learned to go with the flow and nothing in life is worth getting all worked up about.

Hope this was amusing for you as it is for me when I explain this to people
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I am the oldest of three girls
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Oldest, and all girls. I don't fit any of the descriptions of the oldest child, but I do fit into the oldest in that I wore boys clothes when I was young and continued until I got married and then I became girly. I used to hate pink, and now almost everything I own is pink.

I'm almost 6 years older than my sister, so in some of these things we would each be considered an only child.
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I'm an only for my Mum.

I've got a 1/2 sister who's younger than me but we've never lived together and I've got 5 step brothers and sisters, who I don't live with (except one).

I enjoy adult company over people my own age - but that's probably because the people in the cat fancy are a lot older than me so I've been brought up with adults.
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I'm a combination of "only child" "ghost child" and "adopted child". Basically, my mom had a miscarriage, and then carried my brother to full term but he died during delivery....then they decided to adopt.

Needless to say, I was the center of attention of my parents and grandparents (I was the only grandchild in town) but I don't think I was spoiled as in I got everything I wanted...just spoiled with attention. I went through a phase in my teens and early 20's where I felt second best because everything I had when I was a baby originally was originally given to them for my brother (my parents were given 48 hours notice that a baby was ready for them). Although my parents never, ever implied that I was a replacement, that's how I took it for a few years. I eventually got over that. I think a lot of that just had to do with the natural separation from parents and getting my own life. But it still doesn't change the fact that if my brother had lived, they wouldn't have even thought about adopting me, much less been able to in 1970 through a state adoption because most people with a child already were denied. Ok, maybe I'm not completely over it, but I could be someone completely different right now if they hadn't lost their first child.
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I am 3rd of 4, but the 1st passed away before any of us was born. I grew up a middle. Is that how you figure it out?
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