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Taste of the Wild--amount fed compared to old food

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Okay granted this was only one days observances. The boys officially have been on full strength TOTW for one week--I transitioned very slow because I didn't want to mess with their systems too much--we did it over a 3 week period, one week 25/75, one week 50/50 one week 75/25

They were eating Nutro MAX which has 32% protein and is semi grainy. TOTW has 42% protein and is grain-free.

Will/should I see a difference in the amount they eat of TOTW compared to what they were eating of NUTRO?

The reason I ask is last night neither showed interest in their wet food--even Harley who is a food fiend didn't seem hungry.

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if they are like Zoey .. who ate natural choice kitten before grain frees ... she eats just slightly less , ie 5/8 cup to 1/2
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I found the better quality dry can make my cats happy. They really don't feel the need for the wet stuff, my vet wants them on wet once in a while due to maybe needing meds. So a few times a week they get wet.
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Thanks Sharky

Wings2fly-we are pro-wet here. It is much better for them--unfortunately 1.5 ounces is all we can convince Jack to consume in a day.

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I just moved from Denver to an area with a much smaller selection. So I had to switch from Innova Evo (grain free) to Chicken Soup (which is still good but not as good). Lily ate 1/4 cup daily on Innova compared to 1/2 cup on Chicken Soup. I think there usually is a difference in the amount of food eaten when changing brands. But there isnt always a significant change. For instance, I didnt see a change in amount when I changed from Wellness CORE to Innova Evo. But there was a difference from Innova to Chicken Soup.
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Lucky was on Nutro Natural Indoor, and since I changed her to 1/2 Orijen 1/2 Wellness Core, she has been eating much less... At first I thought she didn't like the food, but after watching her closely, I notice that this is not the case... She is eating fine, but seems to get fuller quicker. She is still gaining weight and is full of life, so I guess the grain free food is packed with protein and nutrients, so they naturally need less than the grain packed foods... My guess anyways, since lucky is doing really well on her new food, even though she is eating much less...
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I too am in the process of switching over to TOTW from lower quality food, and have noticed Kizzy eats less than he did with the lower quality food.

TOTW has alot more protein than what he was being fed, I think that is what is filling him up
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